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Input on OSHA plan extended

Gun owners and dealers have some serious concerns about proposed new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations that could abolish many forms of gun use.

OSHA officials produced a 55-page document that listed proposed changes, which would basically ban the shipping and sale of black powder (or substitute powders), smokeless powders, primers and small arms ammo.

This document called for public input by July 12. But gun-rights organizations, manufacturers and other groups, were not made aware of this document until late June.

OSHA has granted a 60-day extension; the current comment period has been extended to Sept. 10.

If adopted, gun store owners would have to place a 50-foot barrier around their place of sale, void of flammable material.

Delivery trucks would be required to have wooden or other non-sparking material lining. Each delivery would require two drivers per truck.

These OSHA safety regulations would impede commercial vendors from delivering supplies to private citizens, to gun stores/shops and even to Dept. of Defense operations, notes National Rifle Association-ILA sources.

Sales and delivery reductions would reduce Pittman-Robinson taxed funds, which support wildlife programs.

To check out the OSHA bans and how to comment on these proposals, visit: and click on "OSHA grants 60 day extension" under ACTION ALERTS.


Circuit mastery

Cabela's Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC) has added the lower Niagara River and the Western Basin of Lake Ontario to its East Division sites.

Niagara River Anglers Association (NRAA) members will assist in the competition Saturday and Sunday. Two angler teams can work area waters for the biggest 'eyes prizes.

Part of the $750 team entry fee will be donated to the NRAA walleye pond restoration program.

For complete entry details, call (877) 893-7947 or visit:


Booker makes book

Chuck Booker, avid Amherst angler devoted to catching and releasing sizable salmonids, added another two entries to his 40-plus record catches logged in National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame annals.

Booker measured a 36-inch rainbow/steelhead trout taken April 11 with a 14-pound tippet (fly-line leader). On April 29, he brought in a 32-inch rainbow while fly fishing with a 16-pound tippet. The fishing hall of fame authenticated both released fish were accepted as world records in both categories.


Elk in view

Hunters entering the Pennsylvania elk-hunt drawing can get a better view of these dynamic deer in an 85-minute video the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) sifted from 125 hours of field video shots.

The video is included with a $22.95 application for this year's elk hunt draw. For details, visit:


Shooting for bass

When you hear the name "Winchester," the first thought might be guns and ammo.

But this season the Winchester name full-stride horseback rider logo appears on a quality line of Slim Jim fishing jigs. Designed mainly for bass, these 1/4 - and 5/1 6-ounce feature Gamakatsu hooks and heads and tails that resemble big bugs, crayfish, and other bottom-bumping forage food all fish find tasty.

For a better look at these finesse-type jigs, visit:


Figuring out trout

With all the boat traffic this time of year, a quiet walk and wade up some likely trout stream might be a tranquil alternative to the busy open waters of lakes, rivers and public-access ponds and bays.

Rhey Plumley and Sheila Reid have just produced "Figuring Out Fly Fishing: Trout," a DVD that takes fly anglers beyond the basics of gear, knots and casting to advanced approaches.

This DVD focuses on reading water, finding fish, controlling cast lines, selecting fly patterns, and fishing them when and where they will work best.

A Web site ( presents a two-minute preview and purchasing info. For more details, call (802) 860-2269 (evenings).


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