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Cheesy but charming, just like on TV

It took 200,000 rhinestones to put the shine in the costumes for the "Dancing With the Stars" tour. But it was the former teen heartthrobs who really sparkled in Friday night's ballroom blitz at HSBC Arena.

Joey Fatone took a break from emceeing "The Singing Bee" to jump, jive and wail with partner Kym Johnson.

Season three champion Drew Lachey reprised his "Thriller" paso doble with Cheryl Burke.

And Joey McIntyre took Apollo Anton Ohno's place in a steamy samba with Julianne Hough.

Minus Ohno in the cast, the performance felt light on star power. The Olympic gold medalist was arguably the most versatile dancer to win the coveted disco ball -- and as the show's most recent champ, he certainly would have increased the head count at HSBC.

Nonetheless, the cast performed admirably without the puckish speed skater, mixing their jive dancing with jive talking.

"What do you guys think of my outfit?" McIntyre asked Lachey, pointing to the gold lame get-up he was sporting. "I think I wore this in New Kids on the Block, back in the day."

And when Lachey commented on Fatone's chest hair removal, the former *NSYNC star rebutted: "I don't shave it; I 'manscape' it." Manscaping was surely the depilatory of choice for the male professional dancers. As they strutted like peacocks, they exposed their toned and tanned torsos in shirts buttoned down to the belly button. The women, who changed costumes nearly 70 times, bared almost as much flesh as the members of the Canadian Ballet.

But then, the appeal of the show -- and by extension, the tour -- has less to do with the fox trot than foxiness. Even Fatone, who isn't what you'd call conventionally sexy, understands that. And though he never revealed his navel, his teddy bear, happy-go-lucky charm was enough to make the women swoon.

One of the evening's several highlights was a strutting disco medley led by the stars -- Fatone, Lachey, McIntyre and former high school locker pin-up Joey Lawrence. No doubt it would have made Travolta proud. On the other hand, Sinatra probably rolled over in his grave when the foursome offered their rendition of the Rat Pack.

The cast closed the evening with a rousing rendition of "Footloose." I'm not sure how Len Goodman would have scored it, but I thought it was cha-cha-charming.



Dancing With the Stars

Friday night in HSBC Arena.

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