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The Buzz

>Unhappy with our lot

So you want to be more like the big city. Fine, you're getting your way. Check out those new parking lots appearing around town with a central meter machine that you feed with coins and credit cards. Monday evening, a group of friends and strangers collected at one of these lots, on Forest Avenue near Elmwood, trying to figure out the system. A sign at the lot's entrance said, "2 Hours, $1." A sign on the machine said, "1 hour, $1." Someone fed in three quarters, then tried to figure out what to do with the receipt. Alas, the machine didn't offer a clue. But it did say, "Parking Made Easy."


>Caught in the act

Shakespeare in Delaware Park's "All's Well That Ends Well" lived up to its name. It did end well. We have been having a great time with our friends, trying to figure out that opaque drama. Who gave whom what ring, how did it help the heroine get the guy who didn't want her, and why did she want him, anyway? Well, there was one moment of clarity. At intermission, when the cast collects money, the king stopped by our blanket. When we kicked in a few bucks, he said that in his court, we would be in good stead. Aha! So we headed to King's Court during Taste of Buffalo. We bought a frozen margarita. We had a friend's glass of wine in one hand, and our margarita in the other. And lo, we were in good stead. A cop smiled at us. "No one's going to mess with you," he said. "Have fun."


>Borrowing trouble

The Buffalo and Erie County Library system is a metaphor for our area's futility. The fines are too heavy, and because you can borrow things for only three weeks, it's easy to owe a fortune. (Buzz just paid $40 for an overdue book of Haydn piano music. Doh! And the library folks kept saying "HAY-den," making things that much more painful.) Last week, we overheard a woman whose teenage son owed $82. The librarian said, "Your son will have to come in and talk to us." Mother: "Well, the thing is, he won't." (We loved that.) "But it's irrelevant," the mom continued. "Because you people are at fault. He returned that book..." Ha, ha! Stuff like this is as good as a Marx Brothers movie! Best of all, we don't have to borrow it.


>Motor mouths

The summer of buses! Buzz keeps seeing the Campaign for Greater Buffalo's Open Air Autobus, tooling around town. And a Metro Bus trumpeting "Danny Briere -- Power Assist." Briere is out of here! Get him off the bus! But the Bus o' the Week Award goes to the Buffalo Tours' "City of Lights" Bus Tour that took off Friday afternoon from Buffalo Seminary. The driver was trying to fix the mic so the tour guide could talk. Instead, she got a rock station blaring loud music. What song was playing? "Magic Bus," by the Who. We are rolling!


>The buzz

Just last week, Buzz rhapsodized about the free food at the OPM Lounge. Now, it's shut down, by order of Richard Tobe, Buffalo's commissioner of development. We trust Tobe. We know he had his reasons, and we see now we were lucky there were no shootings the night we were there eating and eating and eating. But darn, now there really is no such thing as a free lunch. ... Thank God, there's still free ice cream. Was anything at Taste of Buffalo funnier than that fat red Turkey Hill cow right in front of City Hall? Maybe they should build that gym after all.



"64. Feels like 63."

-- Temperature reading last week on

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