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NeXt asked readers to describe their love for Harry Potter books and what they think may happen in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the final book in J.K. Rowling's beloved series. Many have grown up with Harry Potter and still love the series. Allison Brooks-Juengel, 19, of Williamsville, who will be a junior at SUNY Albany, says her boss at Wegmans "knows that I have such an obsession with the books and movies that she is allowing me to plan the Harry Potter book release party at my work. I have taken three days off after the party to devote to reading 'Deathly Hallows,' not once but twice." Then there's 8-year-old Colin Lynch of Hoover Elementary, who read all six Harry Potter books from March to May this year. "One morning, I woke up at 5:30 and started reading a Harry Potter book," he said. "Deathly Hallows" arrives July 21; meanwhile, the movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," opens today.

Here's what other fans had to say:

Mary Boatman, 17, Williamsville South

FAN STATUS: "I have been obsessed with all things Potter for six years. Ever since I was 11, I have been collecting Harry Potter merchandise. I own everything you can think of, from my complete collection of Harry Potter action figures to toiletries like toothpaste, soap and BandAids. I even named my pet cat Crookshanks after Hermione's cat. I have received letters and signed pictures from the following: Daniel Radcliffe (3), Emma Watson (2), Rupert Grint (3), Alan Rickman (1), Tom Felton (1) and [director] Christopher Columbus (1). I started the Harry Potter Club at Williamsville South. We now have 42 enrolled members. I love to go to the midnight releases of the books and movies. I have won numerous costume contests at these events, where I have dressed up as Hermione, a quidditch player, the sorting hat, a dementor... I am preparing my costume for this summer's event -- a Death Eater!"

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: "I believe Harry has a piece of Voldemort's soul inside him ... The only way to defeat Voldemort is if Harry destroys all of the horcruxes including the one inside him, therefore killing himself. Then another character will have to kill Voldemort to finally destroy him."


Shelby Baker, 13, Mill Middle:
FAN STATUS: After starting with -- and being confused by the fourth book, "Goblet of Fire," when she was 7, Shelby got into Harry Potter two years later after seeing the "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" on HBO. "The next day I borrowed the first book from my teacher and finished it in a week. [Now] I am so obsessed with Harry Potter, I can't even think about how different my life would be if I hadn't gotten hooked on the amazing books about the boy wizard." She started going to Harry Potter Internet sites in fifth grade. "Now, I go on the Leaky Cauldron, the HP lexicon and, my favorite, almost every day."

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: "I'm a very upbeat person and would like to think that the good side will prevail. So, I definitely think Harry will live and that Voldemort will die. Harry and Ginny are going to get back together, get married and have lots of red haired, green-eyed, magical babies. The same goes for Ron and Hermione except their children will have red, bushy hair and exceptional IQs."


Abby Maier, 16, City Honors
FAN STATUS: "I have walls covered in articles, posters, etc. about Harry Potter, have had multiple Harry Potter-themed parties and have dressed up as Harry Potter characters. This past Halloween, I dressed up as Harry, despite the fact that I look drastically more like his friend Hermione. I've read every book upward of 15 times, the first five upward of 20-25. I can spend hours on and have even been mentioned indirectly on their weekly podcast, MuggleCast. After taking a quiz posted on Mugglenet, I discovered that I was several percentage points higher than Emerson Spartz (webmaster of the site) on the obsession meter. He was 74 percent obsessed, while I sat high at 85 percent."

WHAT I HOPE WILL HAPPEN: "Ron and Hermione actually GET TOGETHER. Harry and Ginny get back together. Please don't let Harry be a horcrux. Keep Harry alive!"


Elyssa Wiecek, 15, Orchard Park

FAN STATUS: "I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have been since about fourth grade. On the opening day of the 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' movie, I plan to go to the first show at midnight with a bunch of friends."

WHAT I HOPE WILL HAPPEN: "I really hope Ron and Hermione get together and I don't want either of them to die. I really wouldn't mind if Harry died, I hope that doesn't sound too horrible. Some part of me believes it would be the best ending for the series."


Alex Feim, 14, St. Mary's
FAN STATUS: "I've read each book at least five times. I read 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" in one day. When I went on a class trip to a science museum in Cleveland, I was absolutely fascinated by a copy of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' that was locked up in a glass case. I am looking forward to but at the same time resenting the arrival of the new book because that means, well, it's the end."

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: "I predict that Harry will spend the majority of the book searching for the horcruxes. In the end, Harry will discover that he himself is a horcrux and will sacrifice himself so that the world will be forever rid of Voldemort."


Carrie Gambino, junior, Holy Angels
FAN STATUS: "I AM OBSESSED! I even went to the extent of entering pretty much every contest there was in order to meet the cast and especially Rupert. Did I win? Sadly no, but I will keep trying."

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: "The idea that has been gnawing at me the most is that Aunt Petunia knows a lot about the wizarding world but will not admit it to anyone. I think that maybe Harry was made a horcrux and he [obviously] or Dumbledore doesn't know it. I do not believe that Dumbledore will come back from the dead. But his soul will live on through Harry. If Harry did die, Voldemort would too, right? We better hope so!"


Maria DeMartinis, 16, Sweet Home
FAN STATUS: "I can still remember the first day I heard about the series. I was in third grade and we were all reading 'Time for Kids' and they had a short little side article on Harry Potter. I convinced my mom to take me to buy the first book. I have a Harry Potter wallpaper as my desktop background. I have three Harry Potter posters in my room. I've had a Harry Potter calendar since at least 2001. I have ticket stubs from the premieres of each movie, except 'Sorcerer's Stone,' sadly that one went missing. My mom finally let me go to my first midnight book release in 2005, when 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' came out. I almost broke my finger at the party, it got stuck in the huge bathroom door and my whole finger started turning black and blue. I went home, got it wrapped up, and was back there for the midnight release, nothing was going to stop me from missing that. In the fifth grade I was Hermione Granger for Halloween. I cried of happiness when I found out about the Harry Potter Amusement Park that they are making in Universal Studios. My dream would be to work there as Hermione Granger."

WHO WILL DIE: "If Harry, Ron or Hermione die in this last book, I will not leave my room for quite some time."

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