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Paper street assessment challenged

A property owner who bought a paper street in Sunset Bay had issues Monday with his assessed valuation and response from the Town Board.

Tim Sick said he purchased a 40-foot-by-80-foot paper street near Exchange and Erie streets in the Sunset Bay area on the speculation that he could sell lots to neighbors who wanted to extend their land and build a garage.

Sick said he learned that he could not get a clear title to the land for 10 years because it was once designated as a possible street. Sick said he bought the property on the advice of former Town Assessor Frank Boniface, who has since retired.

Sick told the board that the new assessment on the property is $201,000 but that comparable land parcels that were former paper streets are assessed at about $7,900.

He said he went through the normal grievance process but was not granted any reduction.

Town Supervisor Kathy Tampio advised him to follow the legal proceedings for requesting an adjustment. Sick said he has retained legal counsel.

Sunset Bay residents can expect landscaping and other finishing work to be done soon in conjunction with the water relining project. Water and Sewer Superintendent Harold Anger said the contract is nearing completion and finish work should be done soon.

Tampio said she and Highway Superintendent Steve D'Angelo have negotiated with CSX to delay work on the railroad crossings at Sunset and Hanford bays. She said they requested that the work start after September, when many seasonal residents have left the area and fewer businesses will be affected.

County Legislator David Wilder, D-Silver Creek, said the county is considering a new trespass law that would increase the fines for those caught on railroad property.

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