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Big food

On Saturday night, we celebrated Caroline's 10th birthday at Chef's Restaurant. Spending birthday nights at Chef’s is a tradition we’ve been observing for more than 10 years, since our oldest, Maddie, was a toddler.

While Greg and I didn't grow up here, our kids are all natives, and Chef’s feels like the place to pass along Buffalo traditions.

We always go on Saturday, because the place is full and there is great hometown atmosphere. To me a full house at Chef's distills what Buffalo is all about -- families, happy people,  women (not just men) eating big food, old, young, wealthy, not wealthy, well-dressed, ball-capped and Zubazz-panted, all together in the great bouillabaisse that is Buffalo.

Greg once observed that the people in Chef's always seem much happier than the people in (a very upscale Buffalo restaurant that I won't name, for obvious reasons). And I think that's true of real Buffalo. People are happier here than in more upscale but less friendly places. Ours is a city of real character, tradition, and sense of place. I am proud to be raising our family here -- and we are here by choice, not by heritage -- in a city that is warm no matter what the temperature.

And you've got to love a place where the waitress asks, "Do you want your spaghetti parmed?"  That's Buffalo, we pile it on and enjoy.


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