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Up in the sky

SAN FRANCISCO -- The wind is dying down, still blowng gently out to center field. It's still bright and sunny but we suddenly had some cloud cover and I was relieved -- I could finally see my laptop screen clearly up here in left field. Oops. False alarm. It was just the blimp blotting out the sun.

Counting Crows just did a set and that was followed by the national anthem. Then we had the military flyover -- and they never gave us a warning. Right over my head in the upper deck. Scared the whatever out of me. I should know better. I've covered enough of these that I shouldn't have flinched. Shame on me.

ESPN's Chris Berman is screaming wildly (calm down) but the crowd finally overtook his screech when Willie McCovey was introduced to a standing ovation.

---Mike Harrington

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