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SAN FRANCISCO -- Very nice touch by the Giants as workers made their way through the media section here in the left-field upper deck passing out complimentary black wool fleeces with the All-Star Game logo. Nice gift for the media and a badly needed one with the entire park now in the shade except for fans in right field.

Folks, it's freezing up here.

I remember coming to this wonderful ballpark for the 2002 World Series wondering why I had always seen people on TV bundled up in the summer at old Candlestick Park. I remember thinking these Californians must be wimps. Then colleague Bob DiCesare and I spent three frigid nights in the LF bleachers at then-Pac Bell Park, where the auxiliary media section was located.

It reminded us of our days covering high school football. Trying to type with gloves was a chore. Pens were freezing and pencils were required. And good luck holding on to your papers. Move anything off them and they went flying in the wind.

It's not that bad here tonight but it's July. I hear you're feeling the heat in Buffalo. There's none here. And Californians aren't wimps.

---Mike Harrington

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