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Invasion of 'bloody red shrimp' hits Erie

The invasions continue.

Now, Great Lakes waters show signs of a Hemimysis crisis.
Hemimysis anomala, commonly known as "bloody red shrimp," first appeared in Muskegon waters connected to Lake Michigan in November 2006. Live samples of these tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans also appeared in samplings taken off Oswego in Lake Ontario.
Fish stomachs sampled at Port Dover, Ont., on the north shore of Lake Erie, indicate this creature may inhabit Erie waters.

Hemimysis anomalia differ from mysis relecta, a mysis-family member that inhabits deeper Great Lakes waters. Invading bloody red shrimp forage in warmer shallow waters, competing for food with other invertebrates and smaller fish.
Its affect on fisheries is uncertain. A National Center for Research on Aquatic Invasive Species (NCRAIS) report noted, "In some lakes mysid introductions have preceded the growth of salmonids, whereas in other lakes they are associated with rapid declines in abundance and productivity of pelagic (suspended, off-bottom) fish."
The NCRAIS unit at Ann Arbor, Mich., seeks samples found anywhere in Great Lakes waters. For collecting and mailing instructions, go to: and click on "Aquatic Invasive Species" and then "(hemimysis anomalia) recently discovered."


>Tourney talk

Competitive anglers, and many interested in raising funds by fishing, have a busy July calendar:

* The 2007 Greater Niagara BassEye Celebrity Challenge, a fish outing that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, begins with a "Boats, Bait & Beer II" dinner and auction Wednesday at 6 p.m. along the Buffalo Harbor shoreline.
The contest, to catch good numbers of both bass and walleye, starts at 7 a.m. Thursday, with an awards dinner held after catch-and-release data is totaled.

Tickets for dinner and auction, $50 each or a 10-pack for $400, can be reserved at 686-9400 or
* New York Walleye Association's Amara-Can, a team tourney (2 to 4 per boat) out of Dunkirk Harbor, is set for Saturday and Sunday at Chadwick Bay Marina. To register, call 897-1522, 874-2522 or 875-8872.
* Sabres Alumni and a current player or two will take slap shots at salmon during a Fishing Derby to Benefit the Kevin Guest House on July 17 out of Olcott Harbor. For details, call the Alumni Office (775-1120) or visit:
* The BASS Elite circuit stages its "Empire Chase" on Lake Erie and Niagara River waters July 21 and 22. Elite pros will fish with good regional anglers for top prizes.
* The Masters Walleye Circuit invades the lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario on July 21 and 22 with a two-angler team tourney out of Youngstown. For entry details, call (877) 893-7947 or visit:
* LOTSA holds its King Salmon Tournament out of Olcott Harbor on July 21. Call 491-7771 or visit:
* The Scotty Can-Am heads out of Port Colborne on July 28-29. Call (905) 835-8102.


>Fish: healthy food

Health scares spawn uncertainties about eating fish. But a Harvard research study, published in the Oct. 2006 Journal of the American Medical Association, concludes eating fish "outweighs the risks from trace amounts of mercury."

This and other fish-as-health-food items can be found at:
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish have been found to "restructure brain matter tied to positive mood and emotions," according to an American Psychosomatic Study. Those happy findings can be viewed at:


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