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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' recent online blog postings. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Sabres Edge: In a response to Tim Graham's blog on the departure of Chris Drury and Daniel Briere and the role Sabres management may have played in the loss of these players, bonk5 posted this:

I will never trust Sabres management again when it comes to their statements about the importance of the Sabres fans. We center our lives around Sabres games. We invest our emotions. We scour the newspapers and Internet for news. Then, like a hockey gold digger, the Sabres slap us in the face and walk away.

Greg added this:

Is it possible that, after winning the first 11 games or so, the Sabres brass thought that we were going to win a Stanley Cup and pulled Drury's offer because of it? Something really stinks here. Whatever it is, Buffalo fans deserve better than this.


Idol Watch: Anne Neville's blog comment on the audition schedule and lack of convenient venues for "American Idol" drew this response fromLibby56:

. . . SHOW US THE SINGING, PRODUCERS. The "wacky" personalities should be one small side dish, not the whole menu! And the "suspense" comes naturally for viewers, once we give a darn about the contestants, which we CAN'T, if you don't tell us about them, and let us see them sing!

Jean added this:

Hmmm . . . I feel my blood beginning to stir with the announcement of the July 30 commencement of Idol auditions. Rise from slumber! I need my favorite fix of Idol competition. And please start blogging and predicting, fellow Idol lovers! Just think: next year's Idol is out there somewhere. How about some wild conjecture?


Inside the News: Jay Tokasz's news story blog on criticism leveled at diocesan officials by Polish-Americans regarding their churches and downsizing drew an emotional response from bloggers, including Stan:

Buffalonians need to stop living in the past. The children of old Polonia have left Buffalo, either for safer suburbs or for other states. The diocese is making the only logical decision, very similar to decisions the city itself has made to close schools. People have left and are not coming back. . . .

Chris added this:

. . . The problem was the process. Journey of Faith and Grace gave many people the idea that they had a say in which churches would stay open and which would close; in reality, they never did have anything to say about it. The diocese should have said that they had studied the problem and felt that this was the best solution. I would have respected that.


Twentysomething in Buffalo: Heather McCarthy's blog about her trip to Rochester and a comparison to Buffalo elicited this response from Tim:

. . . Whether you come from Buffalo or Rochester, in either case it all boils down to jobs, jobs, jobs. I will always defend Buffalo to the bitter end down here in Raleigh, but it still ultimately comes down to those 3 little, jobs, and more jobs. . . .

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