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Police substation opens at Winsor, Bush streets

JAMESTOWN -- A Jamestown police substation, designed to focus on neighborhood issues, has opened at Winsor and Bush streets.

Police Chief and Public Safety Director Rex Rater held a news conference at the First Ward location with fellow police and fire officials. Mayor Sam Teresi was also there.

The substation is housed in a trailer.

Rater emphasized that while the substation will enhance police presence, it will be staffed only on a "priority basis."

"When the priority calls are done, and as the shift supervisor has time, he will dedicate somebody to the problem spots, which include this part of the community. I would hope once a shift we could take a pass through and, as time permits, get out and walk through the community and interact," Rater said.

The substation was initiated about a decade ago when funding was available for community policing through the federal COPS Program.

That funding has dried up, but Rater said city police still want to keep the program alive to deal with specific areas in the city.


Pawelski re-elected to head School Board

JAMESTOWN -- Joe Pawelski was unanimously re-elected president of the Jamestown School Board at its annual re-organization meeting. Christine Schnars was voted in as the board's new vice president.

Pawelski, who has been on the board for 12 years, said the School Board has an interesting year ahead.

"Obviously, we're in a very major construction project. We're moving into Phase II here at Jefferson Middle School and we're going to talk about Phase III in a couple of months. Other than that, it's always a battle for funding to keep faculty at maximum capacity."

Pawelski said board members have toured the new areas of Jefferson Middle School, and he said construction is moving forward.

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