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With a new album released on both sides of the Atlantic and a maddening tour schedule, the Krum Bums are moving like a head-banging bat out of hardcore hell. The quintet of Texican punks slash and burn through their TKO Records debut, "As the Tide Turns," led by the blowtorch throat of Dave Tejas, and proclaim in the liner notes to be "a nonracist, nonsexist, nonhomophobic group of people who consist of more than the five of us."

Based on MySpace alone, it's clear that there are plenty of Krum Bum Buffalonians waiting for the band to arrive at the Buffalo Icon, 391 Ellicott St., at 6 p.m. Sunday, on tour with Celtic-tinged punks the Tossers and Street Dogs and featuring an opening set from locals Suburban Chaos. After a house party in Richmond last weekend, Tejas snagged a bottle of wine and snuck outside to describe his populist vibe.

>Your sound is bigger than punk. How do you define it?

More than anything, we're an Austin band. What I mean by that is you have so much diversity in Austin, every night there's a different show. We grew up with so many different styles of music -- you can be punk and also listen to metal, rap, reggae, mariachi, it's all good. And I think that's what punk's supposed to be about -- keeping an open mind. For all your demonic diatribes, you're a really friendly guy.

>Do you put on a different face in your music?

I'm a happy-go-lucky guy, but I see things how they are. When we go through a town like El Paso, and I can throw a rock across the border into a cardboard hut and they can throw it back, it makes you want to cry. We spend billions and billions on wars overseas and can't even help the people right next to us.

>Is it possible to keep the energy up to play Buffalo right after hitting the Knitting Factory in New York City?

Buffalo is awesome! The kids know all the songs. And these guys Suburban Chaos, they're young and hungry. Von Toxic first wrote to me years ago asking about lyrics, and we've kept in touch. And they've got a blind dude named Fred playing guitar; he has incredible leads and fills and makes crazy noise! You remember who was cool to you and who wasn't when you were younger, and when we're playing Buffalo, we make sure they're on the bill. They're like a little brother band to us.

I love to go to New York and see friends, and it's a cool city, but Buffalo's like a second home for us. We always feel so comfortable.

-- Seamus Gallivan, Special to The News

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