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Isn't that special?

Wall Street Journal writer Jeff Zaslow wrote a thought-provoking column this week about the sense of entitlement that today's children grow up with. One culprit is allegedly Mr. Rogers, who told every child that he or she is "special," and they grew up believing it.

But the column also cites the culpability of parents. Do we let our kids interrupt our conversations? Are those conversations too child-centered? What about letting children call adults by their first names?

One of my deficits as a father is in the patience department. And nowhere is that tested more than when I'm trying to have an adult conversation with my wife and kids keep interjecting themselves into it. That is why I have always longed to buy a big limousine or taxi that has a window between the front and back seats. Anything with a sound barrier between adults and kids would be a dream car, as far as I'm concerned.

Do other parents out there feel that our conversations, and our lives, are too child-centered?

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