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The Experts Rule

Anyone with any credibility around here knows how much Western New York has to offer. The problem is not finding something to do; it's making the best choices given all the possibilities.

Again FIRST SUNDAY puts its mission to pursue the Buffalo Good Life on the line. We asked reporters and writers at the Buffalo News to find the best of the best. The result is the magazine's second Ultimate Insiders' Guide, a discerning and in-depth look at what's great about this region.

This year's edition has a summer theme. There are ultimate guides to outdoor activities such as tennis, running and cycling. There are entries in that Western New Tork treasure - its food. There; even one on finding summer companionship.

This year's panel of experts, who really are as engaging and approachable as their photos suggest, are worthy tour guides to what - if you follow their advice - will be a ric Western New York summer experience.

One qualifier: Our insiders took their work seriously, but there may be notable choices not included in their stories. We wanted our experts to find places and things that spoke to them.

The magazine resumes its format and regular columns in August. For now, take the advice of people who know the region like no one else does. Let us hear from you. You can comment on the choices or add your own favorites by signing on to or, precisely, Or write to us at the address on Page 2.

In any event, get out there and do. Buffalo's summer is glorious, but it doesn't last forever.

-Charles Anzalone / editor, FIRST SUNDAY

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