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Friday's best bets

Doctor Who
Kudos to the writers of the Season Two finale for not making the new companion a substitute for Rose. This episode marks the beginning of the third season as well as the involuntary entrance of med student Martha (Freema Agyeman). The first time viewers met the actress was when she appeared as a victim of the Cybermen. (PG)

9 PM on Channel 4
Fans protested, CBS listened, and the drama series about life in a Kansas town after a nuclear attack has been uncanceled. New episodes are slated for the middle of next season, but for now, you can catch reruns of Season One, starting tonight with the pilot. Be warned, though: If you want the show to stick around, it needs to deliver more viewers, so tell your friends. (PG)
Man vs. Wild
The only Outback you'll want to visit after watching this new episode is the steakhouse. In this episode, survival guru Bear Grylls plays stranded tourist in the wilds of Australia, fending off sunstroke, storms, crocodiles, hunger and dehydration. It's definitely an edge-of-your-seat hour, but if you are the squeamish sort, his solution to the hunger and thirst thing might leave you leaning over the edge of a porcelain seat . . . if you get our drift. (PG)
9 PM on Channel 29
Cheryl (Gina Torres) has taken issue with Matt and Emily (Ron Livingston, Rosemarie DeWitt) being romantic partners as well as colleagues. But now she finds herself in a similar bind when the FBI agent assigned to the hostage case du jour turns out to be an old flame of hers. The hostages are a husband and wife; he's a witness in a money-laundering case, and their captor wants a big sack of money to free them in the new episode "Ex-Factor." (14)
10 PM on TCM
Movie: D.O.A.
Many movies share the title of this 1949 thriller, including a memorable 1988 remake with Dennis Quaid, but this one remains the best. Credit Edmond O'Brien's performance as a man who is given a deadly poison and makes it his mission to find out who did it before his time runs out. Pamela Britton ("My Favorite Martian") and Luther Adler also star.
Filthy Gorgeous
It was supposed to be a series, but it never made it past the pilot episode ... which is not a bad thing, as this would have made a bad series. The show's setting is a New York escort service catering to the wealthy. Isabella Rossellini heads the cast (that's where the "gorgeous" comes in). As for the "filthy" -- hello! Escort service! Eva Simon and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also star. (MA)
10 PM on SPIKE
Movie: Shaolin Soccer
They're kickin' it old-school. A follower of the Shaolin discipline -- which combines meditation and martial arts -- is recruited by a former soccer star to put together a team and compete for a $1 million prize. He signs up his former brothers from the Shaolin monastery, who, while not exactly in top physical shape, haven't forgotten how to kick. Stephen Chow and Ng Man-Tat lead the cast of this goofy 2001 comedy from Hong Kong.

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