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Restaurants / Niagara County restaurant inspections

At least once a year, every establishment in Niagara County that serves food is inspected by the county Health Department.

Those considered high-risk -- because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving -- are inspected at least twice a year.

Exemplary establishments receive no rating. Violations are classified as critical problems that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be remedied immediately; or problems involving sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the inspector's next visit.


Treehouse Eatery, 4074 Ridge Road. One critical violation: Cooler found to be at unsafe temperature (all foods reading unsafe temperatures were discarded). Six others: Improper hair restraints (corrected at this time); large can of hash found open in cooler (transferred to plastic container); sanitizing bucket not available (corrected at this time); boxes of food found improperly stored on walk-in freezer floor (corrected at this time); some standing water found in dry storage and walk-in cooler; grease trap is leaking water. Inspected Dec. 4.



Edward Town Middle School, 2292 Saunders Settlement Road. No critical violations. Two others: Some rust accumulation on dish room ceiling; peeling paint on duct work above rear hallway in front of walk-in cooler/freezer. Inspected Dec. 6.

Tuscarora Indian School, 2015 Mount Hope Road. No critical violations. Two others: Apples stored on line with no sneeze guard, plastic wrap used to cover fruit. Also, the Native Council used the top shelf of the walk-in freezer for grocery storage for those in need, a box of hamburgers was improperly stored above the school's ready-to-eat foods (groceries will be moved to the lower shelf). Inspected Dec. 6.



South Lockport Fire Company, Fire Company Ladies' Auxiliary, 5666 S. Transit Road. No violations. Inspected Dec. 21.

Hoagie Brothers, 5889 S. Transit Road. No critical violations. One other: Plastic dispensing bottles are not labeled for contents. Inspected Dec. 8.

Rapids Volunteer Fire Company, 7195 Plank Road. One critical violation: Indirect drain needed for ice machine. Inspected Dec. 22.


>Niagara Falls

Knights of Columbus, 715 Third St. No critical violations. Two others: Bottom shelf of equipment and glass storage and chemical storage shelves are not smooth and easily cleanable; light shield needed for light fixture over ice machine. Inspected Dec. 13.

Hollywood 12 Niagara Falls, 720 Builders Way. No violations. Inspected Dec. 13.

Old Country Buffet, 8215 Niagara Falls Blvd. Two critical violations: Meat sauce in kitchen hot-hold unit was not at safe hot temperature (sauce had been already heated and met time frame so was reheated and returned to hot hold); foods in hot-hold buffet line were not at safe hot temperatures, water level was found to be low (hot water was added, and food was reheated and returned to hot hold units). Six others: Hot-box units are missing thermometers to monitor ambient air temperatures; shelving is rusting in pantry kitchen cooler; ice machine gaskets are torn and tearing; food debris buildup on walk-in freezer floor; cans of aerosol insecticide spray are found improperly stored in cleaner storage cage (removed immediately). Inspected Dec. 19.


>Town of Niagara

Taste Good Chinese Food, 1609 Military Road. One critical violation: Breaded chicken balls found cooling on prep table in large bowl at unsafe temperature (food met time frame and was allowed to be reheated and then cooled by proper cooling method). Ten others: Oyster sauce and ketchup improperly stored in original cans in cook line cooler; food containers in walk-in cooler are not properly covered; cutting knives are improperly stored in splintering bare wood rack; panel wood is used to cover stainless prep table and so is not smooth and easily cleanable; dry storage shelving is made of bare wood and lined with cardboard, making them not smooth and easily cleanable; walk-in cooler shelves and floor are lined with cardboard; sanitizer towels not stored in sanitizer solution (corrected at this time); walk-in freezer floor has food debris buildup; paper towel and toilet paper are not in dispensers for customer use in ladies' and men's restrooms; excessive flies are present in men's restroom. Inspected Dec. 11.

Tim Hortons, 1609 Military Road. No critical violations. One other: Gasket and lower shelf of under counter unit below cappuccino machine have food debris buildup. Inspected Dec. 14.



Party Tyme Catering, 9848 Lower Lake Road. No violations. Inspected Dec. 14.



Sawyer Creek Hotel, 3264 Niagara Falls Blvd. One critical violation: Bare hand contact by prep worker while making chicken wrap (wrap was discarded, and worker put on gloves). Three others: Microwave interior is dirty and not smooth and easily cleanable; ventilation hood is dirty; can of insect spray is improperly stored in downstairs storage area (discarded). Inspected Dec. 19.

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