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Canadian beer welcome Company process comes to a head and decision puts Labatt in Buffalo

Buffalo welcomed back a cold one this week. No, not the Arctic Clipper delivering frigid weather -- Labatt beer, a really good accompaniment to chicken wings or beef on weck.

Labatt USA, the south-of-the-border headquarters for the renowned Canadian beer brand, announced a decision to move from Connecticut back to one of its strongest markets in the nation. Turns out the average resident here drinks more than a few six packs of Labatt product per year.

There are only a score of sales and marketing jobs involved in the move to a new downtown office sometime this spring. But sponsorships and corporate resources could flow, along with the beer. And the decision has some additional significance, as well.

Labatt USA, which was located here years ago, wasn't recruited -- it decided to relocate on its own, because Buffalo was the right place and it made business sense. With corporate decision-making and board-room conversations, the company cast an unsolicited vote of confidence in this region and obviously decided to pinpoint the Buffalo location for a good reason.

We think that's a case of good taste. Drink to it, if you will.

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