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>Today's good news

Recently at Mass, Buzz heard our favorite Gospel story, about the wedding at Cana, where Christ turned 15- to 200-gallon jars of water into wine. The obvious theological question: If we had been at that wedding, how many glasses of wine would the miracle have netted us? Don't laugh. Msgr. Bob Mack over at St. Stephen's shares our curiosity - so much so that he sent us this analysis of the situation. "When poured out, there would be 1,800 half-liter bottles, or 3,600 glasses. If there were about 100 guests, normative for weddings of that day, each guest would get about 18 bottles each." Not bad! "And don't forget, that was after these people had been drinking for a while," Mack's study adds. "You wonder how they all made it home."


>Helmet heads

Those wide eyes. That demeanor, both sleepy and strong. That helmet, protecting the warrior as he heads into battle. Buzz reader Jim Illy took them all in as he gazed at the cover of a recent TV Topics, which showed Simon Woods, who plays Octavian in the HBO series "Rome." Then Illy's thoughts strayed. He had seen that look before. He had seen it on ... Maxim Afinogenov! All roads don't lead to Rome. They lead to HSBC Arena.


>Missing a beat

Jimmy Gomes, who led the house band at the Anchor Bar since 1994, sure could beat those drums. He was deafening. But that's just one reason why his passing last week created a sad silence. Gomes could be hard to read - you wondered, sometimes, what was going on behind those blue eyes. But last July, at Friendship Baptist Church, he delivered a heartfelt eulogy for legendary jazz singer Dodo Greene, who had shared the bandstand with him for years. "Everyone who has ever lost anyone - and we all have," Gomes said, looking intently at the crowd - "now, we can know that our loved ones are going to have Dodo with them." Six months later, they've got Jimmy as well as Dodo. We bet they're making quite a racket.


>Disorder on the court

Peas in a pod are more than a favorite Buzz pastime. They are becoming a spectator sport! Saturday, when Canisius College's basketball team took on Marist College, the mob - er, audience - began likening Marist senior guard Jared Jordan to Eddie Munster. One wag had even taken the time to get photos of both and display them on a poster. And the crowd chanted, "Eddie Munster! Eddie Munster!" "It was a nastiness not usually found at the Koessler Center," one fan marvels. "It was like "American Idol.' " And it begs a question about American society, which is: Do Jordan and Eddie really look alike? Peruse the pair, and judge.


>The buzz

"REMEMBER WHEN YOU SPENT YOUR FRIDAYS WITH FRIENDS, LISTENING TO THE BOYS (WILLIE & THE REINHARDTS), SIPPING WHISKEY, SUCKING BEER, SLAMMING SHOTS, AND SMOKING ON THE PATIO?" asks promoter Marshall Glover, in an unforgettable bulk e-mail. Actually, we don't. That must mean we were there. Glover invites all to relive their ill-spent youth Friday at 8 p.m. at the Tudor Lounge. Willie and the Reinhardts kick at 8. Hot dogs and burgers are a buck.



"He has gone from aspiring jazz drummer to renunciant Hindu monk to first call tabla guru for the likes of Krishna Das to solo mantra troubadour, and he's not done yet."

- Buffalo Yoga's description of upcoming talent

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