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Fourth union OKs single health insurer

The administrators union in the Frontier Central School District has agreed to change to a single health insurance provider, making it the fourth union to make such a move.

On July 1, the 18-member Frontier Central Administrators and Supervisory Association will join the Erie 1 BOCES Benefit Trust Plan, which currently uses Independent Health.

Because the administrators currently have a choice of several "gold" plans, which are the most expensive, the change is expected to save the district about $56,000 in 2007-08, according to Shawn Van Scoy, assistant superintendent for personnel.

As part of the two-year contract extension approved recently by the School Board, the district has agreed to split the first-year savings with members of the union, which represents principals, assistant principals, directors and assistant directors. Each union member will receive $750 in 2007-08 and the same amount the following year. Administrators will continue to contribute 5 percent toward their premiums.

About two years ago, the assistant superintendents joined the Erie 1 BOCES Trust. In November 2005, the teachers union switched to an experience-rated plan with Independent Health.

The support staff joined the Erie 1 BOCES Trust in December. The 420 members of the Frontier Central Employees Association had a choice of "bronze" plans. The savings brought by the change are projected to net the district about $30,000, Van Scoy said.

The contract extension for the administrators union also included a 3.5 percent salary increase each of the two years, through June 30, 2009. Each administrator negotiates his or her own starting salary when hired by Frontier; then, every union member gets a standard percentage increase, determined by the contract.

Salaries for 2007-08 will range from $71,034 for the coordinators of three areas -- elementary education, secondary education and technology -- to $127,653 for Frontier Middle School Principal M. Kerry Courtney, who has been in the district since 1984.


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