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I left my brain at home today,
I really don't know how.
All I know is that at school,
my teacher had a cow.

I left my homework on the chair,
I got an F, it wasn't fair.
I left my pencil in the drawer,
Like I've done many times before.
I left my books in the bookcase,
My folder's probably in outer space.
I left my towel out in the storm,
And my toothbrush in my cousin's dorm.
And since I've got this forgetful trend,
I've forgot how this poem was going to end.

-- Anna Gordon, Kenmore Middle School


>My Cat

My cat ate a hat
now he is fat
He sleeps on a mat
All night and day
I wish he would get up
Sometime today.

-- Brooke Rydzynski, Sloan


>Sly Red Fox

A sly red fox creeps around
With its shining red color.
A poor little rabbit is eaten
Every hour.

-- Sam DelPrince, Starpoint

>A lifelong love

When I was one she'd sing me songs,
To help me fall asleep
When I was two she'd kiss my wound,
As I would sadly weep.
When I was five she'd hold my hand,
While waiting for the bus.
Seven came, and she'd still hearken,
As I made a fuss.
As years went by, she'd help me
So my life was more arranged.
Though now I am a snotty teen,
Her loving has not changed.

-- Rachel Cahlstadt, Williamsville

NeXt readers 18 and younger are welcome to send original poetry (maximum of 20 lines) to NeXt Poetry Corner, Features Department, Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240. Poems should be typed and cannot be returned.

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