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A must-have album list for 2007

Save those gift cards you got for the holidays, because 2007 has some great new releases in music to look forward. Here's just a taste of what to look forward to soon:

>Confirmed Releases

Korn: Korn's last album, 2005's "See You On The Other Side," was their most experimental album (their only experimental album), so no one knows what to expect on their upcoming eighth album. The band has added a keyboardist to their lineup, which is interesting, though the fact that singer Jonathan Davis has described their new songs as "phat" is kinda discouraging. Also forthcoming is "MTV Unplugged: Korn," an all-acoustic set due out Feb. 20.
Static X: And the early award for year's best album title goes to Static X's "Cannibal." It's due out sometime in March and one of its songs, "No Submission," was featured in "Saw III."
Type O Negative: The guys that brought you such feel good albums as "World Coming Down" and "Life Is Killing Me" return with another blast of optimism, "Dead Again", out March 13 following much anticipation from fans.
Chris Cornell: Audioslave's last album, "Revelations," was the very definition of disappointment, so there couldn't be a better time for frontman Chris Cornell to take some time off and release his second, yet-to-be-titled solo album. It will be released sometime in March and features "You Know My Name," that oh-so-rugged James Bond theme from "Casino Royale."
Nine Inch Nails: There's a customary five-year wait between NIN albums, which is why it's so surprising to have this release only two years after "With Teeth." Little has been said about it, but it supposedly hits stores in April, and to hold you fellow NIN-heads over until then, a live DVD titled "Beside You In Time" comes out Feb. 27.

>Rumored Releases

Weezer: If the band releases anything in 2007, it will be a greatest hits album that they have only hinted at, though they did at least say that if it surfaces, it will feature several new tracks.
Radiohead: Radiohead was supposed to drop a new disc last year, but instead we got singer Thom Yorke's solo album, "The Eraser." Sure, it was great, but come on, we're dying for something new already! Many new songs have been sampled at concerts, though no official word on the album yet.
Coheed and Cambria: The fourth installment of the continuing Coheed and Cambria story is said to be released this year, though with two members recently leaving the band, it's anyone's guess what comes next.
Blink 182: It was unbelievable to read that the disbanded Blink 182 had plans to reunite for one final album, tentatively called "One for the Kids." Then suddenly, all info on the album disappeared from the Internet. Don't hold your breath.
Guns N' Roses: GNR's "Chinese Democracy" has been delayed over and over for 15 years (!), though it has been promised that it will definitely come out this year. Then again, they said that last year. And the year before that. And the year before that --.
Paris Hilton: Oh, God.

Jason Silverstein is a sophomore at Williamsville North.

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