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So you think you really know Buffalo? Take this five-question quiz to see if you have the true grit it takes to call yourself a Buffalonian.

1. What is the longest street in Buffalo?

a) Bailey Avenue b) Delaware Avenue c) Main Street d) Hertel Avenue

2) What former U.S. President was once mayor of Buffalo?

a) William McKinley b) Theodore Roosevelt c) Millard Fillmore d) Grover Cleveland

3) TRUE or FALSE: Buffalo receives the most snow on average of any city in the country of over 100,000 people.

4) What product is NOT made in Buffalo? a) Milk Bones B) Sorrento Cheese c) General Mills Cereal d) Nestle Chocolate

5) Where did Buffalo once rank in the list of the United States' most populous cities? a) fourth largest b) eighth largest c) 10th largest d) 13th largest


1. a.

2. d

3. false

4. d

5. b

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