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In "Charlotte's Web," Dakota Fanning, as "Fern," is her radiant, lovable, adorable self. Templeton, the rat, is terrific in providing much of the comic relief in the film, and Wilbur surely is some humble pig. Charlotte, the spider, voiced by Julia Roberts, has a miraculous knack for selecting words to entwine in her webs that describe her dear friend Wilbur. Add to this the voices of other well-known personalities, and all the barnyard critters come alive before your eyes.

Although it may not be the film's intent, it serves as an interesting vocabulary lesson in the meanings and power of words to young people. I was amazed to see how many children came out of the theater with tears in their eyes as a result of viewing the highly emotional scene that featured Charlotte "languishing," as she put it, at the county fair.

With Charlotte's humble permission, may I say that "Charlotte's Web" is some terrific, radiant motion picture. It's a jewel in young Fanning's film career. Author E.B. White would be proud of Hollywood's cinematic interpretation of his children's classic. The film itself, I predict, will become a classic as time goes by. Fanning, I predict, will mature into one of the greatest American actresses of all time.

-- Robert J. Parton of Kenmore does clerical work at Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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