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The future of my colors is here in black & white

I have read my color aura for 2007, and it is green.

Not just any green, but soft botanical greens with the names "Seedling," "Aventurine" and "Boreal Forest." My AURAscope also tells me that I am blessed with an innate calling for beauty, and that I eschew the less than lovely.

To Taurueans like me, I read on, "an aesthetically pleasing environment is not merely a luxury but a dire necessity."

All this sounds rather dreamy, but the way I interpret this in my own life is that the reason I don't like unmade beds, dirty clothes on the floor and toothpaste globs in the sink is that these things are, truly, "less than lovely."

The AURAscope comes courtesy of Benjamin Moore -- Aura being the name of its brand new premium paint line. The paint company consulted experts, one being a professional astrologer, to predict the year ahead "as seen through the lens of home and lifestyle." For each Zodiac sign, they also selected harmonious colors from the company's Affinity palette.

As a "tenacious Tauruean" -- I have been called worse -- I am in for a year of profound transformation. For starters, they tell me, I am primed and ready to pull out the old rugs, tear down the worn coverings and reinvent my palette.

Considering that I wear primarily black and white and my house is primarily black and white, this could be quite the undertaking.

But wait. There is more.

"In times of intense change, you crave grounding and constancy," I read.

What? They're grounding me?

Before I start pulling out our old rugs, which really aren't so old, I decide that I had better read the color auras of other family members.

Having done so, I can tell you this: I like theirs better. Way better.

Our daughter, a Pisces, has had a trio of silvery colors selected for her. The names are "Wisteria," "Mysterious" and "Instinct." Her colors sound like exotic fragrances. Mine remind me of weeds. The seers say she is primed "for plentiful boons of fortune and fame." She is 7 years old. I have to wonder: Does this have anything to do with the fact that she begged to stay up until 10 p.m. two nights in a row this week to watch "American Idol?"

For her, "2007 is the year to see and be seen." Yet, her AURAscope tells her, "when it's time to retreat, you make the escape back to your own mystical temple."

Mystical temple? That would be her bedroom, I presume, the place she has been sent to for reasons other than "replenishing" her spirit and "readying" her for the limelight.

Perhaps when she is escaping to her so-called sanctuary, she also will neaten it up. In-between all that replenishing.

My husband, a Leo, is really in for a good time this year. "The stars give you every excuse to live out your champagne tastes and caviar dreams in '07 . . .," his aura begins.

Oh, please.

I suppose I could check the color auras of our cats, but I have no idea of their Zodiac signs although they often act as if they are from another planet. Color-wise, their world is filled with litter box beige and mouse gray, and they seem happy with that. And, the way I see it, their only plans for house projects this year include further destroying the couch, jumping on the dinner table and taking plenty of naps.

I, in the meantime, have made no plans to pull out the rugs -- unless my husband spills too much champagne and caviar on them. Nor have I begun reinventing my palette.

Hey, it isn't easy being green.


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