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The Buzz

>He walks the line...

.. between simple tackiness and outright annoyance! We speak of a guy named Jim Mohn, who saw fit early Sunday to festoon a Depew yard with 44 -- count 'em! -- posters of Johnny Cash. He had found out, at a monthly family poker game, that his aunt Judy Stawicki, the yard's owner, was a Cash fan. And ever since then he has entertained her -- and tormented his cousin, Stacy, who hates Cash -- by playing Cash songs into his aunt's answering machine and slipping Cash CDs into her car stereo. The posters were the ultimate. They showed Cash serenading Stacy, whose face was pasted over June Carter Cash's. Surely the block was relieved when snow and ice brought the images down. Said one relative: "It was a bizarre display -- even by Buffalo standards."


>Hot peas, now

Folks wonder why Sabres tickets are selling so well, especially among the women fans. Could it have something to do with Sabres co-captain Chris Drury's fortuitous resemblance to Patrick Dempsey? So suggests Brenda Alesii, whom Buzz dubs the Princess of Peas in a Pod on account of her sharp eye for similarities. "I think the resemblance is most striking when Drury is interviewed just after a game and his hair is hanging loose around his face," Alesii reflects. We will give the matter long consideration.


>TV, TV on the wall

Considering Drury's smoky good looks, we were surprised that Thursday, when the Sabres took on the Maple Leafs, that the game wasn't on the flat-screen LCD TVs at Fugazi, the dark, handsome cocktail lounge on Franklin. When, finally, a customer asked for the Sabres, the bartender blinked, then switched the channel. Were we even in Buffalo? When we rounded the corner to K. Gallagher's, on Allen Street, we knew we were. There, they were not only watching the game on the overhead TV, but someone was actually up there with a cloth, dusting the screen. They not only swear they love the Sabres -- they give the team their Pledge! OK, we'll stop.


>But is it art?

You know how people are still mad that the Albright-Knox Art Gallery board wants to sell off our antiquities in order to afford huge -- and hugely expensive -- modern art? They would have loved seeing the two trucks Buzz saw in front of the gallery earlier this week. One was a big 18-wheeler, labeled "Climate-Controlled," probably delivering massive new acquisitions. Behind it was a garbage truck, labeled "Modern Disposal Services." Couldn't we cut out the middleman? We're just saying.


>the buzz

Two ad campaigns we've been admiring: Roswell Park's "Remission Accomplished" (obvious but good, we thought, since day one) and Hallwalls' "These Walls Can Talk." ... Band name we love: Big Tobacco. Can Big Oil and Big Indian be far behind? ... Seen at the Central Library, Mike Driscoll, proprietor of Founding Fathers Pub. Buzz snooped into what books he was carrying, and he didn't disappoint us. They were "Thomas Jefferson's Children" and "Theodore Roosevelt." He said, "I had to chase everyone out of the presidential section."



"Jerry's dead. Phish stinks. GET A JOB."

-- Bumper sticker spotted behind Brodo Restaurant in Snyder

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