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The Kismet seems fated for good things

"If you had to ask us, we're just an indie rock band," says Kismet singer/guitarist Nick Sessanna. "Unfortunately, indie is such a diverse genre of music, it's hard for us to classify ourselves into one sub-category." And it's no wonder why: The Kismet's music blends elements of post-punk, folk, pop, electronica, emo and hardcore. But it seems to work: The band has been earning lots of attention lately.

The Kismet is composed of singer/guitarist Nick Sessanna, bassist Ron Walczyk, drummer Cam Rogers, guitarist Zac O'Brien, and keyboardist Chrissy Krolewicz (all are 17 and attend Eden High). Among the many influences that have led to their unique sound are Gatsby's American Dream, Bright Eyes, Interpol, Blood Brothers, The Shins, The Postal Service and many more.

Things started when Nick and Ron followed up on their desire to form a band by joining forces with Cam, Zac, and keyboardist Chris Miller. They started off with covers, with their first official one being The Blood Brothers' "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck," and they later went on to cover songs by Joy Division, Interpol and Hot Hot Heat. Soon afterward, they started writing their own material (some of which they have since grown to despise) and signed themselves up for a talent show that would go on to be their first official show.

A day before the big show, they decided on the final name of The Kismet, which refers to fate, fortune, or a way to describe good karma or luck (ironic, because the October snowstorm unluckily cheated them out of a recording opportunity).

Shortly after the show, something revolutionary happened: The band wrote the song "Stasis," a song of self-discovery, and something new surfaced. "The first time we played "Stasis" in its final form, we couldn't believe how different it was in relation to everything else we had ever done," said Nick. Keyboardist Chris Miller had to leave the band due to time constraints and was replaced with Chrissy Krolewicz.

The band spent the past summer writing new songs, including "Patients," "The Better Season," "Bluebird," "Halogen Lamps and Stomach Cramps," and "I Am a Ninth Grade Girl." These songs were all later recorded for the band's debut release, "The Analog EP," which they recorded with Parkhaven Productions. "The Kismet is not only one of the nicest bands I've ever had the pleasure of working with, but also one of the most original and talented." said Danny Ziemann of Parkhaven. "Even though they're still in high school, they have one of the brightest outlooks out of any of the bands I've ever heard in my past year and a half at Parkhaven."

The new EP has attracted some attention, specifically at Buffalo State College, whose radio station occasionally plays their songs. The band is hoping for some more shows in the future, but especially wish to create music that's not only unique and interesting, but also accessible. "Ultimately, we try to be as happy with ourselves and what we're doing as possible," said Nick. For more info on The Kismet, visit or

Jason Silverstein is a sophomore at Williamsville North.


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