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>I'm From

I'm from the infant rooms in Children's Hospital,

I'm from jailbirds, bandannas and bootleg cable,

I'm from 8 different schools in 12 different years

I'm from a family tree where Gs were born, so on the third

day of the 2nd month, they came up with the first baby

G which was me, I'm my mom as a father figure, and her

only because where I'm from don't nobody father ever come


- Natae-Via Benson, Build Academy 91



Friends keep it real with you

They also tell you what is best

They never go behind your back

And when you make your own decisions forget the rest.

- Dimetria Welch, Build Academy 91



Trees are saying help me, dying

in the ground. So heavy snow falling that

there is not time to grow down. The

cracking and breaking throwing their

branches on the ground. As the big night

is over we look out the window and

it looks like a war zone. When

the snow starts melting, trees throw

snow at us now. The liveness of

wires leaves trees smoking up

but when people come, the large knife

cuts them down. The twelfth of

October 2006 was a terrible day

and we will all remember in our

own way.

- Jessica Zeth, seventh grade, Buffalo



Stars are bright

In the moonlight sky

With those stars shining bright

We'll never get lost when the stars

Are there to guide us home

The moon and stars shine bright

in the moonlit sky.

- Brianna Smith, fifth grade, Newfane Intermediate

NeXt readers 18 and younger are welcome to send original poetry (maximum of 20 lines) to NeXt Poetry Corner, Features Department, Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240. Poems should be typed and cannot be returned.

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