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Praise the Lord, pass the footage

Notes and quotes about God, the President, the Supreme Court, World War II, the Queer Eye crew and Tony Soprano.

* The latest project from filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is a documentary about the evangelical movement, "Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi."
Naturally, Pelosi was asked if any of the Friends expressed "initial skepticism" about her objectivity because of her famous Democratic mother.

"It was a lot harder to walk into the door of the church and say 'HBO,'" cracked the filmmaker. "In that community, HBO is not (well) received. They call it 'Hell's Box Office' in the Bible belt."
* Talk about good timing. After Pelosi's press conference, HBO ran a series of clips from "Real Time with Bill Maher" that started with Maher saying: "The election is over. All I can say is 'Praise, Jesus.'" After that crack, there was a quick cutaway to a shot of Pelosi's mother, who became Speaker after the Democratic were successful in the mid-term elections.
Maher has been off for awhile and his show doesn't return until next month, which meant he was only too happy to have a forum to take some shots at President Bush's latest plans to send more troops to Iraq.
"For this man to get up there when absolutely everybody -- pretty much everybody in this country and in Iraq -- is against this plan, that is monumental ego," said Maher. "That is arrogance on a level that you can only get, I think, from faith, because the generals are against it. The people spoke in the November election. The Democrats are against it. Most of the salient voices in his own party are against it. To stand up there when you are a person of, shall we say, shallow learning on the subject to begin with, and say, 'no everybody says we should go in this direction, but I, George Bush, say no, I know because I talked to God' or whoever he talks that we should go in this direction. Wow, that is some sort of arrogance."
* Tony Soprano will be facing some tough competition at the end of his run this spring. HBO announced that the first of the nine final episodes will air April 8, which means it will compete with network sweeps programming in May. "Entourage" also begins its next season on that day. Series creator David Chase is writing and directing the "Sopranos" finale.
* It is five and out for the crew from Bravo's reality hit, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." The cable network, which has several new reality hits about food, modeling and designing, is ending its run after 10 episodes in its fifth and final season.

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