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Letters / Our readers speak out

Should the Sabres decline penalties?

Few teams win the Stanley Cup burdened with a subpar power play. Buffalo's powerless power play has become an unfortunate joke. Not only do they have problems scoring, they often can't even get over the offensive blue line, much less get off a shot.

The defending Ottawa players were coming off the ice laughing in Wednesday's debacle. Other teams are now taking advantage of this ineptitude by scoring shorthanded. If they could, the Sabres would be better off declining the penalty.

Coach Ruff must solve this problem (or hire someone who can) before a wonderful start turns to bitter disappointment.

Donald Human

Tavares, Fla.


Rooting for Isles to finish second

Yes, it would have been a touch of class to note Ted Nolan's return. Bucky Gleason's column and commentary of "thanks" did the job for us. I almost wanted the New York Islanders to win but I love my home team, the Sabres. They are exciting, sometimes brilliant, and put forth such effort when playing.

Also when meeting the players in person their demeanor is not one of celebrity status. They are always available for a handshake, a picture, or an autograph. They are your typical, down-to-earth guys, making a living and working to succeed at their profession.

So Ted Nolan, welcome back. Your team can come in second place right behind the first-place Sabres.

Edye Radice



Why Notre Dame? Follow the money

It's time to expose "the emperor with no clothes."

Notre Dame was granted a BCS bid without having to compete for a conference championship like teams in the Big East or Southeastern Conference who week after week bang heads with solid clubs. In some cases those teams still have to win the conference title in order to get a bid while Notre Dame is playing the likes of the three service academies.

The few elite teams that the Irish played this year handed them lopsided defeats. The injustice here is to the schools that deserved Notre Dame's spot in the Sugar Bowl but did not get the chance, such as: West Virginia, Rutgers or Wisconsin. Professional leagues (excluding baseball) would never tolerate this injustice. It's all about money and is totally unfair, something that a legitimate NCAA should be concerned with but isn't.

John W. Kowalksi



Weis' Irish proved out of their league

I think the best part of this year's BCS bowls was not that first-year coach Chris Petersen and his Boise State Broncos proved that they belonged, but that former NFL coach Charlie Weis and his Notre Dame Fighting Irish proved once again that they did not.

George D. Odvarka



Guys in the trenches pulled their weight

Year in and year out as the season comes to a close, we begin to look at what-ifs and possibilities of the Buffalo Bills football season; and the one thing that never seems to change is the talk about a new or bigger offensive line. Well this is one fan who is in support of the guys in the trenches because they are the ones with the hardest job on the team and yet they get the most blame for all the ills, next to the quarterback.

These guys never hold out for more money nor do they complain about the play-calling, lack of carries, etc. All they do is work hard to make this team better each year.

So, my hat goes off to the big guys in the middle of the action. This is one fan who understand that you are doing the best you can, and I appreciate it.

Tony D. Williams



Out on the plains, the Bills resonate

For nearly all of my 20-plus years, I have spent my autumn and early-winter Sundays cheering on the Bills. While that is quite common in your part of the country, it's a bit harder to do here in Kansas. Here in Pittsburg, the Bills are known only as the team that Pittsburg State University graduate Brian Moorman plays for.

I got to watch the Bills from time to time in the glory days, when they were on national television. But I have mainly relied on the Internet and satellite radio to follow my team.

The Bills haven't given us much to cheer. The agonizing playoff drought is alive and well. But, unlike some years past, this season has given me hope. Sure, there were some rough moments, but guys like J.P. Losman, Dick Jauron, Lee Evans and Aaron Schobel have given the cloud of the Bills' future a silver lining.

Thank you, Bills, for a hard-fought, highlight-filled season. And thank you to Bills fans for coming through loud and clear on my little Sirius radio.

Ryan Atkinson

Pittsburg, Kansas

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