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Mayor raises concern over tree trimming

Fredonia Mayor Frank Pagano told National Grid's lead arborist Monday night that residents in the village are unhappy with the technique the utility company is using to trim trees.

With the utility company's policy to trim five years' growth from trees, the mayor said during the Village Board meeting, "The trees are being butchered in some instances." Pagano said he cannot see how that is healthy for the trees.

He noted that Fredonia is a community known for its trees and that it was up to him and the Village Board to speak on behalf of the village to protect those trees.

Pagano said he would rather see National Grid trim a year's growth off at a time, not five.

"For your convenience, our community suffers," the mayor said.

Nathan Wright, the utility arborist, said National Grid doesn't have the crews available to trim trees annually. He also said some trees are "hazard trees" that are a potential danger to utility lines, buildings, residents and cars if they were to fall down.

Wright will conduct a survey of Fredonia's trees and prepare a list of all trees believed to present a hazard.

The list will be reviewed by the Village Board.

In another tree matter, the board gave permission to Forecon Inc. of Falconer to mark and harvest timber on 19.5 acres of village-owned land on Glasgow Road. The compensation to Forecon will be 15 percent of the sale proceeds.

Pagano said the village expects to make around $20,000 from this project.

There will be no Village Board workshop Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The next Village Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 22 in Village Hall, with a work session preceding it at 6:30.

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