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Quick wedding facts

* Weddings are getting pricier. In 2006, weddings cost an average of $27,852. This is up nearly 100 percent since 1990.

* Couples are getting older. Today's average age for marriage: 27 for brides, 29 for bridegrooms. That compares with 23 and 26, respectively, in 1987.

* Engagements are getting longer. Fourteen-month engagements are now the norm.

* Couples are paying for more. Thirty-two percent of brides and grooms pay for their own weddings, while 30 percent of brides' parents foot the bill. (The remainder is paid through combinations of bride, groom, parents and others.)

* July is still the most popular month. Following closely are August, then September, then June.

* Marriage is still in style. Approximately 2.3 million Americans got married in 2006.

(Statistics courtesy of Shane McMurray at and the Conde Nast Bridal Group.)

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