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Power Rankings / Mark Gaughan ranks all 32 NFL teams

Last week's ranking in parentheses

1 San Diego Chargers: The playoff key: Rivers must protect the ball. (1)

2 Baltimore Ravens: It's 50-50 they would win in San Diego. (2)

3 New England Patriots: After session with Dr. Phil, Belichick now can say Eric Mangini's name. (3)

4 New Orleans Saints: Miami or bust. (4)

5 Chicago Bears: Grossman not as good as Losman this year. (5)

6 Philadelphia Eagles: Jeff Garcia miles better than Mark Brunell. (6)

7 Indianapolis Colts: Maybe next year. (9)

8 N.Y. Jets: O-line looks good for a decade. (10)

9 Kansas City Chiefs: Larry Johnson needs a massage and a nap. (17)

10 Seattle Seahawks: Should pay a luxury tax to play in NFC West. (12)

11 N.Y. Giants: Coughlin is a good coach. (18)

12Dallas Cowboys: Defensive slump is stunning. (8)

13 Denver Broncos: Stunning end to season. (7)

14 Tennessee Titans: The future looks bright. (11)

15 Jacksonville Jaguars: It's Garrard or Gray next season. (13)

16 Cincinnati Bengals: Team lawyer should ask for raise. (14)

17 Pittsburgh Steelers: Will be a force next year. (15)

18 Carolina Panthers: Fox must make some bold moves this offseason. (19)

19 Buffalo Bills: Need another super draft. Or two. (16)

20 St. Louis Rams: Could jump with great offseason. (22)

21 Green Bay Packers: Probably been 4-12 without No. 4. (23)

22 San Francisco 49ers: Gore aims for 2,200 next year. (24)

23 Atlanta Falcons: Still the only NFL team never to have back-to-back winning seasons. (20)

424 Miami Dolphins: Dolphin dysfunction. Isn't it great? (21).

25 Washington Redskins: Champs in spring, chumps in fall. (25)

26 Houston Texans: Texans fan's lament: Vince Young. Reggie Bush. Just shoot me. (27)

27 Arizona Cardinals: The right coach could turn this train wreck around. (26)

28 Minnesota Vikings: West Crawl offense had just 13 TD passes. (28)

29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gruden has third losing season in four years. (29)

30 Cleveland Browns: Stink. (30)

31 Detroit Lions: Stank. (31)

32 Oakland Raiders: Stunk. (32).


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