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Inside His Head: A lightning round of Miller favorites

Food: "My mom's porcupine meatballs."

Qualities in a Date/Mate: "I'll know her when I see her. She definitely has to be a self-assured, independent person. ... I like having a conversation that flows." Miller says he has no steady girlfriend now, because he needs to devote himself to the hockey season. "I'd love to have a wife and kids someday."

Non-hockey Sport: Golf.

Music: Led Zeppelin. Pearl Jam, Gun N' Roses, Bob Seger. The Killers. Miller also likes Christmas songs.

Favorite Place to Go in Buffalo: "Anywhere on the waterfront where I can see off in the distance. It's the Michigan boy in me."

People He Most Admires: His parents. "I don't know how they did it, but they created an environment where you always felt loved, safe and secure. There was communication in our house at all times. Everything was explained."

Books: "Baroque Cycle" by Neil Stephenson. "I really like his ability to tell a complicated story."

On Being Recognized Wherever He Goes: "As long as you're polite, I'll take the time."

Movie Lines: Miller and Sabres left winger Andrew Peters love throwing out movie dialogue in everyday situations. Like "Awesome prank, Farva," or saying "meow" for the word "now," obviously quoting "Super Troopers."

"It sounds terrible when you just talk about it," Peters says.

"But when you say it in conversation," Miller says, "you do it dead serious and see if the other person picks it up."

"We're getting ready for a gameand he'll just fire a line out of nowhere," says Peters. "You have to do it at the right time."

"I'll do something stupid," Miller says, "and the other guy will say, 'Awesome prank, Millsy.' "

Miller knows the full Carl Spackler speech from "Caddyshack" ("So I jump ship in Hong Kong ...").

"Fletch." "Ace Ventura." Anything by Broken Lizard. Miller and Peters can riff from them all.

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