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Saddam was executed by puppet government

Saddam Hussein, the lawful chief executive of Iraq -- always so recognized by the United States, his former ally -- has been executed by the U.S.-controlled puppet "government" of Iraq for war crimes. Everybody from the pope on down, aside from our own chief executive and Iraqis on the U.S. payroll, has condemned this political assassination disguised as the judgment of a court. In this country, nobody would pretend that a criminal defendant, three of whose attorneys were murdered during his trial, had a chance at a fair trial. No jury condemned Saddam, only his political enemies.

The Associated Press story reprinted in The News contradicted itself. First it falsely described the armed resistance to U.S. rule as the actions of "Saddam loyalists." Next it quoted President Bush saying that the execution of Saddam will not reduce the insurgency. America's enemies are Iraqi nationalists, not Saddam loyalists, who by definition no longer exist, since Saddam does not exist. "Mission Accomplished." Let's go home.

Bob Black



Bush must not rush into a war with Iran

President Bush is proud of his reputation as a decider. What then has taken him so long to decide on "a new way forward" in Iraq? Part of the delay probably is that many of his generals have opposed his escalation of troop levels. But I have another concern. Does the president intend to take the spotlight off his politically unpopular troop surge with an announcement of a military strike against Iran's nuclear program?

Such a decision would be disastrous. It would unite the Muslim world even more fiercely against us. Admittedly Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad deliberately provokes us. He calls for the destruction of Israel. He sponsors conferences for Holocaust deniers. He flouts the United Nations.

But patience, not a military strike, is America's best policy. Ahmadinejad's party has already lost support in local elections. Students have jeered him publicly. Iran's state-run television has reported this. The Iranian people recognize his extremism. He will self-destruct. We do not have to destroy him militarily.

Daniel O'Rourke



Taking low-dose aspirin poses a risk for some

The Dec. 26 News article, "Managing the pain of new drug warnings," should be both applauded and reprimanded.

As a health care provider, I take issue with Dr. David Hartman's statement that people who take low-dose aspirin once a day shouldn't worry about it. "If it's 81 milligrams, that's not an issue." That statement is not only incorrect but has the potential to give someone false information about the safe and effective use of daily low-dose aspirin.

It has been shown in many studies that regular use of low-dose aspirin therapy can cause upper gastrointestinal irritation (GI) and may predispose some people to GI hemorrhage. I will be the first to admit that these GI effects are unusual and seldom serious, and probably 90 to 95 percent of the population could take a low-dose aspirin without any problems.

But what about the other 5 to 10 percent of people who decide to take low-dose aspirin without discussing it with their physician or pharmacist and end up in the hospital with a GI hemorrhage or, worse yet, dead?

Nicole M. Paolini, Pharm.D.



Christmasville brought excitement to Lancaster

In this area, there are always complaints that nothing is ever accomplished. Well, welcome to the Village of Lancaster, where Christmasville was a huge success.

People from all over came to enjoy and reminisce while viewing the outstanding old AM&A's displays in the storefront windows. Tom Kazmierczak and his crew did an outstanding job. His vision, desire and preparation made the village "the place to go" this holiday season in Western New York.

At this downtown merchant in the village, we are thrilled to see the amount of excitement Christmasville has brought to the area. We are looking forward to working with Kazmierczak and the village to continue this tradition.

Alan Kurtzman

The New York Store



Fallen troops deserve pomp and circumstance

I'm sure that all the complimentary things being said about the late president Gerald Ford are true, that he was a nice guy and all that. But in the final analysis, he was just another politician doing what he was paid to do and having greatness thrust upon him through no fault of his own.

I think that the financial resources and pomp and circumstance that were expended on his funeral would be better directed toward our young men and women who are smuggled into Dover Air Force Base under cover of darkness after making the supreme sacrifice that they volunteered to assume.

Anthony C. Street



Radicals don't speak for majority of people

I am writing in response to the Dec. 29 letter, "Writer shouldn't have stooped to name-calling." If the writer would like to paint all liberals with the same brush regarding Wayne Madsen's point of view, let us paint all conservatives with Ann Coulter's writings such as "Treason" or "Godless," where she fills her books with hate directed at liberals.

The writer is smarter than his letter indicates. Most people want what is best for the country, and don't have to resort to these kind of views that the fringe offer up.

Janice Wike



How can an 8-year-old be charged with sex abuse?

Am I the only one having a problem with an 8-year-old being arrested and charged with sexual abuse? Where were the adults during the two hours that this child was watching an R-rated movie, and then "assaulting" a 6-year-old? If the child was watching this movie in his own home, why was he allowed to return? Where is Child Protective Services?

Children who are 8 do not have a clue what they are doing. They copy; they imitate. They do not do it with intent. What is wrong with the police? They should know better. This is a child, for crying out loud. This little boy is 8. What kind of people is he hanging around with? I would gladly take this kid in and give him a good home, and keep my hawk-eye on him, like I do my 9-year-old son.

Yes, of course, I feel for the 6-year-old -- that's a given. But obviously this 8-year-old is being allowed to hang around with some adults who need to be out of his life.

Patricia Seufert


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