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15-year-old master plan to get update

Cheektowaga has received a $100,000 state grant to work with its suburban neighbors to prepare a new master plan.

The grant will enable the town to develop a master plan to achieve compatible development with neighboring communities, said Thomas Adamczak, supervisor of building inspectors.

Cheektowaga has another $150,000 to spend on the study, Council Member Alice Magierski said.

"We want it to be a comprehensive, thorough document," she said.

Cheektowaga's first master plan was adopted in 1969, and it was last updated in 1992. It was hoped the 1992 update would ease the transition between commercial and residential areas while preserving green space.

Fifteen years later, "we're looking at a lot of changes in the complexion of the town," Magierski said.

The state Quality Communities Initiative awarded the $100,000 grant to Cheektowaga "to work in partnership with the Towns of Amherst and Lancaster and the Villages of Depew and Sloan to develop a comprehensive master plan which will focus on the use of existing infrastructure, regional consistency and discouragement of sprawl."

Lancaster Supervisor Robert H. Giza said the towns are used to cooperating.

"Anything they do, it affects us and vice versa," he said. "Anything we can do to help them, we'll do. I'm sure they will do the same."

Transit Road is the border between Cheektowaga and Lancaster and Depew and an example of an area that would be looked at, so "our retail development would look similar to Lancaster's retail development," Adamczak said.

Cheektowaga Zoning Board Chairman Andrew Kulyk worked on the last master plan, and said it needs to be revisited.

"When it comes to planning, zoning and development, these things are now a shared responsibility. We are experiencing growth on our side, Lancaster is encountering explosive growth on their side," said Kulyk. "We certainly should be working together."


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