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Brian Regan: a clean comedian

Have you ever awakened, head popping off the pillow, realizing the science project that was assigned months ago is due today? Maybe you've stressed out at Tim Horton's, unable to pick out just 12 doughnuts, or mulled over the impossibility that a serving size of Fig Newtons is just two cookies.

Comedian Brian Regan, who performed a knee-slapping performance last Thursday at the Riveria Theatre in North Tonawanda, takes his inspiration from everyday observations such as these that the audience can easily relate to. Keeping the atmosphere light and endearing, Regan uses simple occurrences that seem far from funny and makes it impossible not to laugh. Pop Tart toasting directions (who needs them anyway?) or the purpose of peanut butter and jelly in one jar will soon have you doubling over with laughter.

Regan's liveliness and quirky mannerisms -- such as his flexing eyebrows, rapidly moving eyes, and silly pace across the stage are as entertaining as his jokes.

Another plus is that Regan's performances are as suitable for a mature adult as a 10-year-old. Free from swear words or raunchiness that a majority of comedians depend on these days, Regan offers a fresh and respectable look at humor.

As the performance went on, Regan's fans began to shout out titles of their favorite bits. Regan responded, "The thing about comedy is that there's supposed to be a surprise, but apparently that's not important to you." In a voice of an imaginary fan he said: "Yup. That's exactly the way I had it memorized."

That's the great thing about Brian Regan's comedy, you can never get enough of it.

Jessica Bagley is a sophomore at Mount St. Mary's Academy.

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