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Brenna Gethers: Last dance?

Every week, I think, "Paula has to look less like a wax bust of herself this week," and every week, the answer is no. That eerily frozen face, those effusive slurred compliments -- scary! Then Simon speaks for America: "Shut up, Paula! You really annoy me!"

Bad choices: How did Katharine McPhee get four months pregnant since last week? A lingerie top with bike shorts, and a so-so song choice. Ouch.

Breaking the mold: Kinnik Sky "getting [her] stomp on," according to Randy.

Disco dud: Brenna Gethers failed to shine with a Donna Summer anthem, but thought she was perfect (of course!).

Top jobs: Paris Bennett, all of 17, owned the sophisticated "Wind Beneath My Wings," but the cranky judges dinged her for not bringing the youth. Mandisa Hundley raised the roof with "Cry" by Faith Hill.

Not quite: Ayla Brown, who answered the question, "If you don't make it on 'American Idol,' what will you do?" by saying, "Continue to play basketball at Boston College," probably meant, "Start to play basketball at Boston College." She played for her high school until "Idol" started, and has a scholarship to play for Boston College in the fall.

Who should go: Heather Cox and Gethers.


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