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From the blotter / Niagara County police calls, Feb. 10 to 19

>Feb. 10

* Mikkel T. Benson, 22, of Rainbow Boulevard, Niagara Falls, was charged by Niagara Falls police with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, aggravated unlicensed operation, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident and operating without insurance at 12:30 a.m on Rainbow Boulevard.

* A 15-year-old Ninth Street girl told Niagara Falls police that three men kicked in the door to her apartment at about 2:30 p.m, breaking the door frame. She said one confronted her, pointing a silver handgun at her face. She said they told her to get on the couch while they ransacked the apartment. Another man had a black handgun. A neighbor told police that she saw the three men hanging around, casing the place. Nothing was reported stolen.

* A 24th Street woman told Niagara Falls police that a Rent-A-Center employee came to retrieve its property and threw a beer bottle at her window, breaking it. The Rent-A-Center employee said a man at the home threatened him with a knife. Police advised the two that the return of property was a civil matter.

* Timothy L. McDowell, 27, of Center Street, Lockport, was charged by Lockport police with two counts of harassment and criminal mischief. A West Avenue woman said McDowell, who is the father of her 6-month-old child, came to her house intoxicated on Jan. 20 and kicked in her front door and tried to choke her in the bedroom. She told police she ran out of the house and hid in a car with tinted windows, but she said that when McDowell discovered her, he smashed in the passenger-side window and attacked her again. She said a neighbor came to her aid. The woman said she had not planned to press charges but filed charges when he refused to pay for damage.


>Feb. 11

* Niagara Falls police are investigating a complaint that an 88-year-old woman was victimized Thursday while shopping at the Portage Road Tops supermarket. The woman told police that she was approached inside the store by a woman claiming to be selling subscriptions to the Niagara Gazette newspaper and that she gave the suspect $70 toward a subscription.


>Feb. 12

* Niagara Falls police said that all four tires on a Crescent Drive woman's car were punctured while she was visiting a friend in the 2700 block of Orleans Avenue at about 4:30 a.m. Damage to the woman's 1997 Dodge van was listed at $400. An ongoing feud was being investigated as a possible motive for the vandalism.

* A North Avenue woman told Niagara Falls police she was driving at 10th Street and Walnut Avenue at 11:25 a.m. when she heard a noise and her driver's side window suddenly shattered. Police believe a pellet gun was used to shoot out the window, causing an estimated $200 damage.

* The manager of Mark's Nursery told sheriff's deputies someone removed $7,500 worth of plants from several of the greenhouses at 4402 Lake Road, Wilson. The manager said it may have been going on for several months. Neighbors reported a white pickup and dark blue pickup seen in the area.

* Shawn M. Peet, 35, of Wilson-Cambria Road, Wilson, was charged by sheriff's deputies with aggravated harassment, failure to keep right and driving while intoxicated. A woman said she had received 20 threatening phone calls, and when police arrived to take the report, she said he was driving by. Police followed the car and observed him crossing the center line. He was charged after failing several field sobriety tests, deputies said.

* A parent arrived at a party on Errick Road in Wheatfield at 2:22 a.m. to find her daughter when she didn't come home from a school dance and found her under the influence of something and wearing different clothes, sheriff's deputies said. The 17-year-old was found passed out, and an ambulance was called. A second ambulance was called for another girl who was intoxicated. Youths at the party said both girls had been drinking before they came. The homeowner said she was upstairs and unaware of the party.


>Feb. 13

* Sandra J. Brown, 31, of Pine Street, Lockport, was charged by Lockport police with felony criminal contempt for violating an order of protection and menacing at 6:30 p.m. on Pine Street. A woman who lives in Brown's apartment complex told police Brown walked up to her apartment holding a knife and yelling that she would hurt her, according to reports.

* A 67th Street man told Niagara Falls police that someone broke into his garage during the past two days and took hunting equipment, tools and meat from the freezer. The man said a lock was cut off the door and the door was forced open. There also were broken windows in the front and rear windows of the car, a tire was punctured, and a radio was stolen.


>Feb. 14

* Someone took a car lift, capable of lifting up to 25,000 pounds, from a garage on Lockport Road in Pendleton, sheriff's deputies said. The lift was found missing when inventory was done Jan. 27.

* David A. Clevely, 37, of Miller Road, Niagara Falls, was charged with driving while intoxicated and failure to keep right at 1:20 a.m. on Lockport Road in the Town of Niagara, sheriff's deputies said. Clevely was observed swerving in and out of the lane and driving at least 10 mph over the limit, and he failed several field sobriety tests, deputies said.

* Sheriff's deputies said they observed a fight in front of Newfane High School at 5 p.m. At the scene, Joseph D. Brown, 17, of Transit Road, Newfane, was charged with criminal mischief after he said he punched the taillight out of the car that drove away.

* Three burglaries were reported on Whitney, Willow and Pierce avenues in Niagara Falls, city police said. A $200 snowblower was taken from a garage on Whitney Avenue overnight; a rear passenger window was smashed in a vehicle and a CD player and CD taken on Willow Avenue overnight; and a garage door lock was smashed with a rock, and a snowblower was taken from a garage between 7:50 a.m. and 1:10 p.m. on Pierce Avenue.

* Steven C. Rose, 44, of Niagara Avenue, Niagara Falls, was arraigned on two counts of criminal possession of stolen property in Niagara Falls City Court. Following an investigation of a stolen purse, Rose was found with a silver cell phone and silver lady's watch in his sweat pants.

* State Police said they charged Gary R. Holmes, 68, of Hennepin Avenue, Niagara Falls, with offering a false instrument for filing. He is accused of filing for unemployment insurance from the state Department of Labor while he was employed full time with a North Tonawanda company.


>Feb. 15

* Three people were arraigned on unrelated driving while intoxicated charges in Niagara Falls City Court. Jamie J. Ditzler, 25, of Ward Road, Niagara Falls, was charged with passing a red light and DWI at 11:20 p.m. Feb. 14 on Pine Avenue; Lisa D. Duscherer, 24, of Fiegle Road, Pendleton, was charged with DWI and driving left of pavement at 2:20 a.m. on the morning of her arraignment; and Michael Murphy II, 22, of Garlow Road, Niagara Falls, was charged Jan. 28 on John Daly Boulevard with no registration, no insurance and DWI.

* A 49-year-old Wheatfield man told sheriff's deputies that he bid $2,400 on a motorcycle on eBay and both he and the seller agreed to use a company called Square Deal to exchange the money. After a call from someone claiming to be an employee of Square Deal, he wired the money by Western Union and later learned that eBay said he should never do that in order to protect from fraud. The man never received his motorcycle.

* Jeffrey J. Mavrak, 38, of John Street, was charged by Lockport police at 11:40 p.m. on John Street with driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident and improper lane use. Police said they heard a crash and observed a red van, which had been disabled. The owner said a man struck him when he swerved into his lane, and then the driver took off on foot. Mavrak was apprehended after a short foot pursuit.

* Joseph Edminston, 25, of 79th Street, Niagara Falls, was arraigned in Niagara Falls City Court on a felony reckless endangerment charge. He is accused of driving in excess of 90 mph and hitting three cars on Buffalo Avenue. He also was charged with resisting arrest after leaving the scene of the accident, city police said. Police said Edminston was driving his car west on Buffalo Avenue on Feb. 11 and drove into the opposite lane at a high speed, then exited his vehicle and fled on foot and was found by State Police in a bush, just south of Buffalo Avenue.

* A Niagara Falls man and woman are facing possible charges of child abuse, after they were found living in a condemned house on Falls Street with five children, two pit bulls, a pet boa constrictor and a large bird. Police said they were called at 9:35 a.m. to investigate a home at 2727 Falls St. and found 2-year-old twin boys, along with the pets, living in the home in dirty conditions, with little food and no water. Three school-age children were not present when police investigated. According to police, the residents had been without water for the past four months and had been bringing water in by buckets to bathe the children. Code Enforcement Officer Robert Ingrassi told the couple that they must leave. The case was referred to Niagara County Social Services for child abuse and neglect.

* Robert L. Gardner, 39, of Byrd Avenue, Niagara Falls, was charged by Niagara Falls police with driving while intoxicated and moving from a lane unsafely at 11:38 p.m. in the 2500 block of Niagara Street.


>Feb. 16

* A 54-year-old Niagara Street man told Niagara Falls police that he went to a bar on Niagara Street to buy crack cocaine but someone sold him fake crack. He said when he went back to complain, three men attacked him.

* Robert M. Phelps, 52, of Grove Street, City of Tonawanda, was charged by Niagara Falls police with reckless driving, speeding and failure to keep right at 12:40 a.m. on Buffalo Avenue.

* Kevin B. Brooks, Jr., 26, Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, was charged by sheriff's deputies with failure to keep right and driving while intoxicated at 12:28 a.m. on Saunders Settlement Road.

* Krista J. Seddon, 52, of South Union Road, Williamsville, crossed the line several times at 1:15 a.m. on Coomer Road in Newfane, sheriff's deputies said. Deputies charged Seddon with failure to keep right, driving while intoxicated and refusal to take a breath test. She failed several field sobriety tests, deputies said.

* Roseann Crocker, 17, of Forest Hill Road, Lockport, was charged by Lockport police with assault. Crocker was charged with fighting at Lockport High School on Feb. 14. The victim said Crocker threw a piece of fruit at her and hit her in the head.

* A teller at M&T Bank on South Transit Road in the Town of Lockport told sheriff's deputies that a man tried to exchange $10,000 in Iraq currency a week ago and told her he had killed eight people to get it. He asked the teller if he would have to kill again to exchange it. The man left, and the clerk was advised by the Federal Reserve to contact police.

* Cambria Volunteer Fire Company officials told sheriff's deputies that two cases of wine with the fire company seal and eight to 10 bottles of hard liquor were stolen sometime in early January. The wine was valued at $240; the liquor, at $150.


>Feb. 17

* An 81-year-old man suffered a bloody nose Friday when he was punched by a friend who believed the victim made a pass at his girlfriend, city police said.

The incident occurred at about 1 p.m. at 18th Street and Ontario Avenue, police said.
* A Spruce Avenue man was charged with driving without a license and leaving the scene of a property damage accident following a two-car crash at 3 p.m. in the 7400 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls police said. Adam C. Schneider, 24, was arrested after his car struck another in front of the Burger King restaurant, then fled, police said. A passenger in the other car suffered a minor head injury and was treated in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston.

* Sometime between Feb. 15 and today, someone entered a Buffalo Avenue woman's home and stole $120 from a dresser, Niagara Falls police said.


>Feb. 18

* Niagara Falls police are investigating whether a former roommate may be responsible for the morning theft of $2,700 from a Hyde Park Boulevard apartment. The victim told police someone entered her home through a rear window that has a broken lock, removing the money from a hiding place inside a bedroom lamp. The theft occurred between 6:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The victim told police the former roommate was aware of the broken lock on the window. Nothing else was disturbed inside the apartment.

* Neighbors witnessed a man puncturing all four tires on a Cedar Avenue woman's car while it was parked in an alley behind her home just before 2 a.m., Niagara Falls police said. The hood of the 1996 Dodge also was damaged by the man, who then drove away.

* Jeffrey L. Horner, 44, of Linwood Avenue, was charged with driving while intoxicated and passing a red light at 3:26 a.m. in the 2000 block of Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls police said.

* A Town of Lockport man told sheriff's deputies he was awakened during the night by a strange sound. Investigating in the morning, he discovered his house had been struck by 12 white paintballs, damaging the siding and tearing a window screen. Also reporting paintball damage was a Locust Street Extention woman, who said that her siding was damaged by seven white paintballs fired at her house sometime prior to 7:30 a.m.

* A Youngstown resident who owns a McKoon Avenue residence told Niagara Falls police that someone damaged an attic at the property, apparently in an effort to break into the storage space.

* A 62nd Street man's car was damaged between 10 and 11 p.m. while parked in the 1600 block of Main Street, Niagara Falls police said. A chunk of blacktop was thrown through a window, denting the door and damaging a rain guard. Damage was estimated at $520.


>Feb. 19

* A Monroe Avenue resident told Niagara Falls police that someone broke the glass in an outer sliding patio door sometime between Feb. 14 and today. Damage was estimated at $400.

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