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>More than flesh

After reading Jeff Simon's "Sex Sells the Fleshy 'Dancing With the Stars' " in TV Topics (Feb. 12), I have to comment on Mr. Simon's statements.

Mr. Simon notes in his column: "Sexiest costumes and the most shameless bumping, grinding, shimmying and slithering we've ever seen in a weekly prime time show." And, "sensational looking women dressed with as much artful skimpiness as possible and doing pelvic thrusts that might strain Olympic athletes." Then Mr. Simon zeroes in on dancer Stacy Keibler, saying: "Can Stacy Keibler, the professional wrestler with the mile-long legs, keep wow-ing one and all?"

The bumping, grinding, shimmying and slithering that Mr. Simon refers to is called dancing technique and style. The judges and the audiences at dancing competitions are not there to look up the female dancer's mile-long legs. They're there to appreciate the dancer's talent.

I have watched "Dancing With the Stars" and I, like many others, enjoy the show because of the heightened level of talent and competition.

Female Olympic ice skaters have for years worn much skimpier outfits than some of the female dancers on "Dancing With the Stars," yet I don't believe that men are obsessed with sitting around the TV ogling the female ice skaters' legs.

I find Mr. Simon's statements to be narrow minded because they ignore the fact that Keibler is successful and popular not only because of her physical appearance but because of her talent, hard work and personality.

I have seen Keibler's talent in her competitive dancing and in her interviews. She has much more to offer than mile-long legs.

Ron Keneske

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