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Knife slaying brings 14 years

A Hampshire Street man was sentenced Friday to 14 years in state prison for the butcher knife killing of another man in an Elmwood Avenue apartment building last year.

Ismail A. Mohomed, 24, who pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of first-degree manslaughter in September, still insisted the death of Omar Abdi was an accident. But State Supreme Court Justice Russell P. Buscaglia refused to back away significantly from the 15-year maximum he had promised Mohomed in September.

The judge also noted that at the time of the fatal incident, Mohomed was serving the five years of probation Buscaglia gave him in 2001 on a felony arson charge.

Using an interpreter, Mohomed asked the judge to reconsider his sentence for the sake of his wife and child. That prompted Buscaglia to remind him that due to the plea deal, he faced "significantly less jail time."

Prosecutor James F. Bargnesi said Mohomed has never disclosed why he and Abdi, 42, were arguing in the victim's apartment building on Elmwood near Bird Avenue.


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