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2 miss boat on boys' night out

Is it just me, or does it seem like almost any of the women could out-sing the men this time around?

Failure to launch: Patrick Hall and David Radford sounded like random guys singing along to the radio. Then the judges ripped them for trying new styles.

Best looks: Chris Daughtry now has curvy sideburns and a triangular soul patch. Jose "Sway" Penala looked great in white, and sang his heart out.

Not crying: Kevin Covais' version of "One Last Cry" made Paula Abdul "beam," she told him. Simon Cowell griped, "That song would appeal to anybody over the age of 90 who was hard of hearing." Simon needs some new zingers! And Gedeon McKinney's smile irks him?

Best man: He looks like an Amish farmer, but Elliott Yamin rocked Stevie Wonder.

Who should go: Hall and Radford.


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