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Just the Girl(s) Mount Mercy goes wild for Click Five

Last Wednesday was anything but a typical school day at Mount Mercy Academy as it hosted the Click Five band brought to the school by CKEY-FM Wild-101.

As an all-girls school isn't the usual setting for such a concert, you may be thinking: Why Mount Mercy? "We clicked to win," read the hand-decorated T-shirt of senior Peggy Klavoon. Earlier in the school year, the radio station held a school spirit contest with all local schools. Entries were filled out on the radio station's Web site, with no limit on the number of times you could enter. Well, the 462 students of Mount Mercy Academy rallied together to place more than 900,000 entries, beating second-place Holy Angels Academy by 50,000.

Although two very determined seniors, Erin Weaver and Eileen Henneberry, had made daily announcements urging students to enter, the Mount Mercy community still was stunned at the news of their win and the date was set for Feb. 15, after the band finished a concert tour.

As the day began, walking through the halls of Mount Mercy was like walking through a show choir rehearsal, everyone singing and dancing to the Click Five music. Most students were adorned with hand-decorated T-shirts with written puns from some of the band's songs, such as "I'm just the girl you're looking for" on senior Katlin Hess' T-shirt.

The tension began to build in the school as the last period lunch ended and the faculty and staff prepared to escort the girls to the auditorium. Wild 101 had put up signs with their logo to give it more of a concert setting and as the girls piled in, chants of "Click Five" and singing filling the room.

Finally, the band walked on stage and wasted no time in getting started -- greeted by flashing cameras, waving signs and high-pitched screams from enthusiastic girls. The band encouraged the girls to scream louder, and the girls didn't hesitate, even knowing the convent was directly next-door.

The Boston-based, pop rock band is similar to the Beatles, from their attire to their modest performances to their upbeat music. Dressed in matching black tuxes with green shirts, the musicians are Eric Dill on vocals, Joe Guese on guitar, Ethan Mentzer on bass, Ben Romans on keyboards and Joey Zehr on drums. The band did acoustic performances of five songs including a newly recorded "Mary Jane" and the two big hits, "Just the Girl" and "Catch Your Wave."

The band made the performance more personal when they made eye contact with many of the girls and asked them to sing along. The members smirked as they pointed out a few of the posters, one in particular that simply stated "Prom?" by junior Rachael O'Donnell. "Catch Your Wave" had the audience doing the wave. During "Just the Girl," the band briefly stopped playing as the students recited that part of the song word for word. "I liked how they did it acoustically, it shows what great singers they really are," said senior Jessica Zimmerman.

The girls continued their songs and chants even after the band had left the stage.

And it didn't end there. Once the students were dismissed, it didn't take them long to realize The Click Five were sitting in their bus right in front of the school. Girls quickly rushed to the bus windows, trying to pass shirts, posters or CDs in for autographs. The band members good-humoredly began to pass items back to the girls: a few guitar picks, a drum stick, then a stick of butter and some bagels. The lucky girls were very grateful for those unique items of memorabilia

Leaving school afterward, girls blasted their car radios and rocked the South Buffalo neighborhood. "I am happy the girls pulled together to win this and they were excited -- [Mount] Mercy girls know how to have a good time," said school principal Paulette Gaske.

Michelle Maciuba is a senior at Mount Mercy Academy.

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