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Catch up on 'Grey's Anatomy' with Season One on DVD

Dr. McDreamy. Dr. Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey. If you know who these characters are, then you've seen at least one episode of "Grey's Anatomy." And if you've seen one episode of this gripping medical drama, then you know just how witty and fresh it is.

"Grey's Anatomy" revolves around the lives of five surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, including ultra-competitive Cristina (Sandra Oh), nice guy George O'Malley (TR Knight), and the show's center, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Overseeing them are other doctors, like Bailey, the no-nonsense resident played hilariously by Chandra Wilson, and Dr. Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), nicknamed Dr. McDreamy by Cristina.

Each week new medical cases are brought to the hospital. These cases range from sweet (newborn quints fight for their lives) to the unusual (a man who has shot himself in the head several times with a nail gun).

While this is technically a medical drama, it never focuses solely on medicine. Instead it focuses on the doctors' lives and how they deal with the medical challenges presented to them. The fast-paced show draws viewers in with its unique blend of dramatic storylines, humorous dialogue, and heartbreaking moments. Creator Shondra Rhimes has designed unique characters that the audience can relate to.

Last week all nine Season One episodes were released on a two-disc DVD set, which includes bonus features, like audio commentaries on the pilot episode, several deleted scenes, and a behind-the-scenes featurette. The most worthwhile extra is the revealing audio commentary from Rhimes and director Peter Horton.

The show, which airs Sundays on ABC, reached a high of 37.9 million viewers for its post-Super Bowl episode, which featured a bomb scare at the hospital, Bailey going into labor, and Shepherd operating on Bailey's husband, who crashed on his way to the hospital. In the coming weeks, a patient, Denny, will return to the hospital and become a love interest for Izzie . According to Pompeo in TV Guide, an intern will leave the program.

Matt Biddle is a junior at West Seneca West.

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