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Council, mayor battling over clerk's post

The heat has been turned up in the conflict between the Common Council and Mayor Lawrence V. Soos over the Council's decision to make the city clerk's post a union job.

At this week's Council meeting, Soos announced plans to create his own City Charter review committee in response to the Council's refusal to establish one.

Soos maintains the Council's Dec. 21 decision to make the clerk's post a union one is illegal and in violation of the charter.

Soos and former Mayor David J. Burgio threatened to go to court over the issue, but last week, Soos said he would drop plans for legal action if the Council reversed its decision and created a charter revision committee.

"In the interest of good government, last week I presented them with an alternative and they never answered me," he said.

"I offered an olive branch, and they broke it in front of me," he said.

Council President Brett Sommer said that if the Council is not represented in the mayor's charter review panel, it would create its own.

"We always intended to make the mayor a part of the process," Sommer said. "I think that we all agree that we need to take a look at a charter review committee."

Soos said he plans to recruit the same residents who were on a previous charter review panel.

"I'm going to try to get as many people as I can from the original committee, and we'll go from there," he said.

Also Wednesday, Daniel Rivera, chairman of the North Tonawanda Democratic Committee, raised concern about a proposal to move the deadline for a budget proposal until after the November election.

Currently, budgets must be presented to the public before the end of October. Under the proposal, the deadline would be moved to Nov. 15.

Backers of the plan say officials would have more time to craft a budget and are more likely to know what state aid is available.

"The dates that were picked, were picked in part because of the accountability factor," Rivera said.

"It's tough to do next year's budget when we're less than halfway though the current year," Sommer said . "We're doing this in the best interest of the city."

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