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It seems to us . . . After Super Bowl comes . . .; Save, one budget at a time; Mess in Wayne's world

READY FOR THE BIG DAY?: If the Super Bowl is over, what's Tuesday, guys? No, it's probably not your anniversary and likely not her birthday. So that leaves? Valentine's Day, among the three most important dates for guys to remember. Having trouble finding the right gift? Here's the Top 10 from jewelry; lingerie; a getaway with spa visit; a body care basket; purse; sex toys; a special date; flowers; chocolate; picture and frame. If those are too conventional, how about dance lessons for two; a season on DVD of "Sex and the City;" or a soft and warm blanket for the couch, either for cuddling or watching TV. All this and with four days left to shop, no less.


HUUUUUGE-UH: The Bush budget arrived Wednesday, literally, via FedEx. Thump. Arriving in the form of two books weighing 7.58 pounds, the green-covered volumes are anything but green friendly. It's to the public's benefit to widely disperse the budget. But if thousands are urgently sent to interested people and organizations around the country and world, FedEx is the most likely winner, at $20.10 for standard overnight per package. So we offer this humble suggestion: In a $2.77 trillion budget, saving a few hundred thousand dollars is not a huge deal. But save as much as possible by publicizing its posting on line ( and send all the recipients e-mails instead.


SAY IT AIN'T SO: Your friend and closest assistant coach is investigated for running a gambling ring that placed $1.7 million in sport bets the last 40 days. Reports say your wife bet $500,000 with the ring in the last six weeks. You're caught on a wiretap discussing the whole thing. You say you know nothing, but reporters want to understand how that's possible. All-time NHL great Wayne Gretzky says he's as mystified as everyone else. We've seen heroes crash and burn, but places like here and north of here won't be able to take it if the Great One does.

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