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Two Depew High students charged in shoving match

Two Depew High School students were charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday after getting into a shoving match that inadvertently resulted in a teacher who was nearby being injured, Depew police said.

Police would not release the names of the students or the teacher.

"The fight wasn't really what we consider an assault," said Depew police Capt. Mark Mediak. "It was more like a pushing match between two male students, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old."

Despite the arrests, a Depew School District official today described the altercation as fairly unremarkable. "It wasn't anything other than normal with what we have to deal with," said Assistant Superintendent Thomas Schmidt.

Schmidt said the shoving match started during an assembly when one of the students poked the other from behind and the other student shoved him in response. A teacher stepped in between them and, in the process, accidently backed into another teacher. That second teacher, Schmidt said, had recently returned to school after having back surgery in December.

Mediak said the students were arrested based on a complaint made by school officials and were led from the school in handcuffs.

A disorderly conduct charge is classed as a violation, which is a lower charge than a misdemeanor, Mediak said.


10 cats living in filth rescued in Riverside

The SPCA has taken 10 cats from a Riverside home after finding them living in filthy conditions. There are questions about the last time the ailing owner of the cats lived in the home.

The SPCA still is trying to determine the medical conditions of the cats, described as elderly. But none was starving, and no charges have been filed against the owner, a Rano Street resident.

"There was food at the location, so they're not considered abandoned, but there's a question on whether somebody was living there," said Gina Browning, an SPCA spokeswoman.

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