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Collision is test of bus safety reforms

North Collins School Superintendent Ben Halsey said Wednesday that a school bus accident that afternoon showed that new measures implemented after a December bus crash are working.

Halsey told the Board of Education at its 6 p.m. meeting that he was at the scene of the 3:35 p.m. accident on Eden Road.

"Luckily there were no injuries or damage to the bus, and the new accident procedures we adopted in January work well. I had rather hoped to test them in a drill situation, but now I know they work," he told the board.

Fifteen elementary school pupils were aboard the bus when it was hit by a car.

Halsey called the accident a "fender bender" and said there was only minor damage to the vehicle.

"The North Collins police responded, and every student was checked over by an emergency medical technician before they were bused back to the elementary school, where their parents were waiting to pick them up. It was all over by 5 p.m.," Halsey said.

In January, the board reviewed its procedures following a Dec. 6 accident when a bus slid off Ketchum Road in slick conditions.

Halsey admitted that accident was "mishandled" after parents complained administrators did not notify them about the accident.

Halsey said a communication breakdown led to the problem and the board took immediate action to adopt new procedures.

They require that the bus driver at the scene notify the district's transportation department after assessing injuries and damage. The transportation department must report the accident location and details to the police, notify the superintendent and send another bus to the scene to transport uninjured students back to the school. Principals are to notify parents where to pick up their children.

"It worked smoothly, and I was very pleased with the outcome this time," Halsey said. District officials said the bus driver was not at fault but would undergo drug testing as required by the state Department of Transportation.

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