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All My Children: Sam thanked Ryan for killing Jonathan, the man who murdered Edmund, as Sam's protecting of Lily deepened into friendship. Much to Erica's ire, Kendall accepted Zach's engagement ring. When Kendall told Ethan she'd marry him immediately if he signs Cambias over to Zach, Ethan kissed her, then walked away. Tad blackmailed the warden to protect Krystal from the other inmates, as he wondered whether Dixie could be alive. Coming: Erica reconsiders making a commitment.

As the World Turns: Tom and Jack ordered an exhumation of Julia's body after Ben said that something other than the blow to the head could have caused her death. As the autopsy revealed that Julia died of an extreme allergic reaction, Keith was shown at the gravesite with bee pollen in his hand. Margo "allowed" Craig to escape and he fled to Singapore, unaware that Rosanna is there. Coming: Lily has no idea she could be in danger.

Bold and Beautiful: Nick and Bridget were in the midst of exchanging rings when a yell was heard and Ridge left the ceremony to investigate. Ridge was found on the ground. Although he suffered no concussion, Ridge was told to stay in the hospital. Instead, Ridge left and called Nick and Thorne to ask for their help in finding the perpetrator. Coming: Thomas is affected by his father's plight.

Days of Our Lives: John was unable to prevent Shawn, Brady, Rex and Lucas from heading off to rescue Philip. Meanwhile, Sami/Stan wasn't recognized by the mercenaries and was imprisoned with Philip. When the DNA on the bloody sweater was a match, Bo chose to go with Billie to search for Georgia once more. John proposed to Kate, having no idea that Roman and Marlena were only a few feet away. Coming: Mimi hopes for a chance at happiness.

General Hospital: A.J. was hospitalized from the fall with a broken back. When A.J. was later found dead, the autopsy showed it was murder and Carly became the prime suspect. Luke returned and told Skye he has a new lead on Helena. Luke drugged Tracy and removed her from the mansion. Coming: Alexis and Durant form an unholy alliance.

Guiding Light: Tony became furious when Michelle told him about her tryst with Danny and hurled himself at Danny. In their struggle, they went over the edge of Laurel Falls, where Tony sacrificed his life to save Danny. Darla arrived in Springfield and ordered Jonathan to deliver the information about Reva, or pay the price. Coming: Harley pleads with Mallet to let her save Gus.

One Life to Live: Natalie shared her feelings with John, who remained true to Evangeline. Intending to use Jamie to destroy Antonio and Jessica, Tess was snooping in R.J.'s apartment when she accidentally knocked herself unconscious as a fire broke out. Coming: Daniel's plan to frame Jen has horrific consequences.

Passions: Sam arrived at Spike's club intending to shut it down, and was appalled to find Jessica in bed with Spike, high on drugs. Fox, Julian, Eve, T.C. and Liz were stunned to learn that Chad adopted Whitney's baby. Whitney wrestled over revealing the truth about the child's paternity, but kept quiet. Coming: Sheridan refuses to abandon her claim on Marty.

Young and Restless: Tom confronted a terrified Kevin and demanded some of his lottery winnings. Michael finally reciprocated Gloria's love. When Daniel couldn't get Lily to pay attention to him, he drank heavily and Cassie later found Daniel passed out in his car. Coming: J.T. is tormented by his feelings about Mac.