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In response to The News story about the woman whose dog was killed by another dog that was in her foster care, I would like to start by saying I'm very sorry that Pamela Porillo lost her beloved dog, Maggie.

I wonder if this story would have been newsworthy if Sierra's mixed breeding was determined to be something other than a pit bull? Many people, even professionals at shelters, cannot identify a true pit bull. Just visit to see how many breeds resemble a pit bull.

There are dogs in every breed that do not get along with other dogs. Porillo should not have left the two dogs alone together, especially when Sierra's background and temperament were questionable. It was up to her to ensure her dog's safety.

Let's stop blaming a specific breed for problems that are caused by irresponsible humans. When bred and raised responsibly, pit bulls can make excellent companions. When exploited and abused for fighting purposes or raised by careless owners, there could be tragic consequences. Let's put the blame where it belongs -- blame humans.

Kathy Gattie

West Seneca