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The best performing schools - 2004

Did better than expected in Math and English Language Arts in 2004.

Smallwood Drive, Amherst

School 64 Frederick Law Olmsted, Buffalo

School 68 Westminster Charter, Buffalo

School 69 Houghton Academy, Buffalo

South Buffalo Charter School

DeWitt Clinton, Lockport

Charles A. Upson, Lockport

Harry F. Abate, Niagara Falls

Sixtieth Street, Niagara Falls

Second best

Performed better than expected in one subject in 2004 and exceeded expectations in prior years.

School 3 D'Youville Porter Campus, Buffalo

School 65 Roosevelt Academy, Buffalo

School 74 Hamlin Park, Buffalo

Harris Hill, Clarence

Washington Hunt, Lockport

Sixty-sixth Street, Niagara Falls

Allendale, West Seneca

Third best

Performed better than expected in one subject 2004 and performed as expected in prior years.

School 17 Early Childhood Center, Buffalo

Buffalo United Charter

Ledgeview, Clarence

Big Tree, Frontier

Anna Merritt, Lockport

George M. Southard, Lockport

Woodrow Wilson, Sloan

Colden, Springville

West Street, Niagara Wheatfield

Much improved

Exceeded expectations in one subject in 2004 after doing poorly in at least one category in both prior years.

School 53 Community School, Buffalo

School 72 Lorraine, Buffalo

Mullen, City of Tonawanda

Above average

Did as expected in both subjects in 2004, but exceeded expectations in prior years.

Cleveland Hill

Cayuga Heights, Depew

Charlotte Avenue, Hamburg

Holmes, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Henry J. Kalfas, Niagara Falls

Geraldine J. Mann, Niagara Falls

Willow Ridge, Sweet Home

As expected

Consistently met expectations given the socio-economics of students.

Alden Intermediate

Windermere Boulevard, Amherst

Pratt, Barker

School 11 Poplar Street Academy, Buffalo

School 18 Dr. Antonio Pantoja Community School, Buffalo

School 19 Native American Magnet, Buffalo

School 39 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Institute, Buffalo

School 43 Academy, Buffalo

School 45 International School, Buffalo

School 59 Dr. Charles Drew Science Magnet, Buffalo

School 61 Early Childhood Center, Buffalo

School 77 Early Childhood Center, Buffalo

School 81, Buffalo

School 89 Dr. Lydia T. Wright School, Buffalo

School 93 Southside, Buffalo

School 95 Waterfront School, Buffalo

School 99 Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center, Buffalo

Union East, Cheektowaga Central

Sheridan Hill, Clarence

Blasdell, Frontier

Cloverbank, Frontier

Pinehurst, Frontier

Armor, Hamburg

Boston Valley, Hamburg

Union Pleasant, Hamburg

Harold O. Brumsted, Holland

Thomas Edison, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Benjamin Franklin, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Alexander Hamilton, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Herbert Hoover, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Thomas Jefferson, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Charles Lindbergh, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Martin Road, Lackawanna

William T. Hoag, Lake Shore

Anthony J. Schmidt, Lake Shore

John T. Waugh, Lake Shore

Central Avenue, Lancaster

Court Street, Lancaster

Como Park, Lancaster

Hillview, Lancaster

John A. Sciole, Lancaster

Lewiston-Porter Intermediate

John E. Pound, Lockport

Newfane Intermediate

Hyde Park, Niagara Falls

Maple Avenue, Niagara Falls

Niagara Street, Niagara Falls

Seventy-ninth Street, Niagara Falls

Colonial Village, Niagara Wheatfield

Errick Road, Niagara Wheatfield

North Collins

Meadow School, North Tonawanda

Ohio School, North Tonawanda

Spruce School, North Tonawanda

Eggert Road, Orchard Park

Ellicott Road, Orchard Park

South Davis, Orchard Park

Windom, Orchard Park

Middleport, Royalton-Hartland

Starpoint Intermediate

Heritage Heights, Sweet Home

Maplemere, Sweet Home

Fletcher, Tonawanda City

Riverview, Tonawanda City

Charter School for Applied Technologies, Town of Tonawanda

East, West Seneca

Northwood, West Seneca

Potters Road, West Seneca

Winchester, West Seneca

Country Parkway, Williamsville Dodge, Williamsville

Forest, Williamsville

Heim, Williamsville

Maple East, Williamsville

Maple West, Williamsville

Thomas Marks, Wilson


Test performance went up and down with no pattern.

School 27 Hillery Park Academy, Buffalo

School 76 Herman Badillo Community School, Buffalo

School 80 Highgate Heights, Buffalo

School 91 Build Academy, Buffalo

Roy B. Kelley, Lockport

Gilmore School, North Tonawanda

Highland, Lake Shore

Clinton Street, West Seneca

West, West Seneca

Past problems, but showing improvement

Did as expected in 2004, but below expectations in both prior years.

Buffalo Elementary School of Technology

School 32 Bennett Park Montessori, Buffalo

Clarence Center

Kaegebein, Grand Island

Main Street, East Aurora

Maryvale Intermediate

2004 trouble spots, did better in prior years

Performed below expectations in one area in 2004, but as expected in both prior years.


Iroquois Intermediate


W.H. Stevenson, Wilson

Having problems

Fell below expectations in at least one area in 2004, and did poorly in a prior year.


Huth Road, Grand Island

Theodore Roosevelt, Kenmore-Tonawanda

Drake School, North Tonawanda

Glendale, Sweet Home

Worst performing schools

Performed below expectations in math and ELA in 2004.

School 37 Futures Academy, Buffalo

School 44 Lincoln Academy, Buffalo

School 71 WEB Early Childhood Center, Buffalo

School 96, Campus West, Buffalo

Community Charter,* Buffalo

Enterprise Charter,* Buffalo

Stepping Stone Charter, Buffalo

Gasport, Royalton-Hartland

*First year taking test.

Only schools with at least 30 students taking the ELA and math tests were included for statistical validity. Not included: Brant in Lake Shore, Highland in the City of Tonawanda, Tuscarora Indian School in Niagara Wheatfield, and the following Buffalo schools: School 98 Discovery, Harriet Tubman, School 33 Bilingual Center, School 84 Erie County Health Care Center for Children, School 94 West Hertel Academy, King Center Charter, Tapestry Charter and Global Concepts Charter.

Buffalo schools that have closed since 2004 are not listed.

Source: Buffalo News regression analysis of state Education Department data.